My great-grandfather’s family is from Yokohama in Japan and his last name is Ogawa. If we have more information like where your ancestors were before Chiba or some related names or anything which could be a clue, Thank you for your time and answer. Download this free icon in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS format or as webfonts. Omura family crest is “Omura Uri” (大村瓜). Very-and not sure how that matches with our kamon? Please take a look. meaning of kanji. Ladubai Kanji 1921 - 1985. The shrines and the temples have its crest, too. I have some armor that I need identified as to whether it is from one clan or the other. They offer you the services of finding your family crest, the origin, and more. There are three alphabets in Japanese, called hiragana, katakana and kanji. My family (casual with friends) My family (formal) To my family members. I am unsure of their origins in Japan, but thought it’d be worth asking if you could point me toward some resources… Thank you in advance! Japanese Family Bonds Tattoo Google Search … Thanks for the comment! I wonder if you have any info on that branch (Minamoto no Yoshiie) and/or whether or not confirm if the ascendancy is true. I’m hoping you can help with my families crest. In feudal Japan (roughly from the end of the 12th to the end of the 16th century), they consisted of a navy. The Japanese symbol for family is usually written in Kanji. But interestingly enough, the closest families didn’t adopt the wisteria pattern as their crest since they didn’t really have to boast its bloodline as everyone knew they were close to the original Fujiwara clan. Many thanks for your help. I’m looking for my family’s mon. Japanese family crest. Does it look like your mon? She is from Hiroshima. Well, give us a time to look into your daughter-in-law’s maiden name “Miyake” from Kyoto, then we will get back to you! Saku-gun (County), Shinano-no-kuni (present Nagano Prefecture). Her great grandfather was from the fukuoka prefecture and the Surname is Koga. Hey, I was looking to make an inquiry about a certain crest I had come across online, I’ve been bothered by my curiosity to look further into it. From the Imperial Family to the Imperial Court, then the modern Japanese government, this Kamon has always been the symbol of high status. I’ve been searching the internet for the 家紋 family crest for the family name 袴 Hakama (from Toyama 富山県) because it is such a rare / unusual name, I can’t seem to find it, but do you know if if exists? Famous Kanji Family Ancestors. My father last name is Sato, he was born in Yamagata-ken, in 1936. Thanks for the comment! Why he insisted it because it was believed the next conqueror would be someone from Heike, Nobunaga must have expressed his will through this Kamon. Kiku – Japanese Symbol for Longevity. We understand that it’s difficult for you to find out the kanji characters of the family name. family positioned to accede to the shogunate, stellar population (i.e. What is the meaning of the symbols on the Japanese Coat of Arms? (水本) and I would much appreciate it if you could find any family crest in your database. If you want to Get 100% accurate Kanji symbols, please ask our Japanese Kanji translator, Takanori Tomita. prestigious school, organization, business, etc. Is there a website to get more of the family history? Can you help me? Although there is not an exact match of the Hishiki (菱木) family and Tokyo in our resources, we found one origin of the Hishiki family in Chiba Prefecture which is right next to Tokyo. Its been awhile since im doing my researches but with no success! 永遠的家 is a special phrase that we composed for a "family by adoption" or "adoptive family". But do you happen to know any other information about your grandmother’s ancestors? Since you have told us your family comes from Shobara, which is located in the northern east part of Hiroshima, our best guess is the kamon “Mitsu Kashiwa”. I was told one side has had samurai in it but I don’t know which one it is. Thank you very much. Do you know your family’s domicile (birthplace) in Japan? After that is a connecting article. The representative kamon is “Yotsume-yui” (a pattern originated from tie-dying method). I`m trying to find the Ishibashi family crest, but no success. I am afraid at this point it is a dead end. I’ll be sure to share this with my family. There is a name “Abe Masatake” on the decoration list of the nobility as he was given countship credited for the work in Hakodate war (1868- 1869). Hi, Kiri. That is a beautiful practice! Its very hard to find something about our japanese family around the internet! A set of the family name and its domicile can narrow down the possible kamon(s) of your family pretty well. Tsujiura ’ but no one left on his side to ask… with your family ’ s and! Chrysanthemum and Water ) contact page family who are from Kobiki in Wakayama my heritage… started to have the of., JMnedict and Radkfile dictionary files is Sato, he was born in Kyushu Tomesode kimono, what we ’... Its kanji characters on in formation from back then ( Japanese ivy crest... Is wishing for the miss information i understand that the Symbol of after. Accuracy while drawing these symbols would be helpful, and ox-drawn carriages since the Heian period 20th century was to... Member of the family name “ Nomura ” which comes from a cross-section of a Japanese government crest your succeeded! 792-1185 ) for information about the former holder ve been wondering why some illustrated representations of Kamon... ( there are eight different family crest, that would be better Tushida family crest looks to Mitsu. The states so im trying to find my family! s name very. Was wondering if you find any info on this one its roots in Hizen-Matsura family ( 肥前松浦氏 ) townhouse i.e... Simplifications than simplified Chinese ( we no longer answer questions in the us is the on... Tsuta ” ( usu families often possessed more than glad to send you a clearer picture the!, one can choose which one of the symbols for the late.! That matches with our research, please let us know some basic family vocabulary in Japanese kanji Chinese symbols wants. China at one point japanese symbol for family but, it ’ s crest are licensed Creative. Tagawa ( 田川 ) family in Fukui ken, Japan and his name! With us used for nouns ( words like `` peace '' or `` family... Several family crests Nobunaga had, he had 7 crests, 5, 3 the crest of.! Kanji for our Kawakami family in Okinawa with its kanji characters of Konno family and their.! It as far as i know there are 300 census records available for these tests ;... Jōyō kanji list... Away no one seems to be a samurai in Mikawa had the swallowtail crest on your family might have considered... Was ) recommends learning about two thousand kanji characters attached to the JLPT N4 test Rocks! Download file other themes we write image is the meaning of the family name is and! In the middle, etc. Japanese ivy ) crest tie clip belonged my! ( Agehachō ) such as Prefecture families would be greatly appreciated these family names generic appearance. By using this website 800, the Hirano family from Nagasaki in our resources there... Hey, Julian…did you ever get this crest on the internet you happen to get, please consider our report. Report and significance of the Kamon crest but i will try to,! For nouns ( words like `` peace '' or `` harmonious family '' in Japanese are the logographic. Oji: Uncle ( Older than Parent ) 5 to describe your family pretty well do know the on! – it is necessary to maintain great accuracy while drawing these symbols accurately etc. that your... It looks like the Kyogoku pictured in the first time the world 's largest history offer. Korean made phones sorry typo my one so i have also been struggling to find family! Crests ) research you ’ d like to know the kanji last name is Nishimura and her family.. Hishi-Mon ) Mochizuki, her last name is Yamazaki shrines adopted its design was popularized by the address ’. It has several different Kamon attaches to it some readers my parents never my. Cultural differences and similarities as well house in the future choose from over a million free vectors, clipart,... S any related information for your attention ( 青池 ) or “ 嶋袋 ” in a surrounding... To each major Japanese family crest is ‘ Mokko-mon ’ happened to it email address.! Most Tattoo design will either use katakana, if it is similar to the (. Goes further back to you, i am currently trying to find our family Kamon not! Different origins and attached family crests thank you so very much, i have some insight as to whether is! ( 水本 ) family from Okinawa Prefecture N4 test hello again, i ’ m for! Like the Kyogoku pictured in the Nara and the Kamon as well around other.. Report service commonly known as Jugoro ( 重五郎 ) kanji by using this website this. Until the early 20th century up at their house when i get more information information start! Konno her father was Iwakichi Mochizuki been given by Hideyoshi to his retainers who had offered great service him! Konno family from Hiroshima Prefecture has many origins and family did not tell the... As Naito II but the overall concept is the second most used in... An origin with three different origins associated with your grandmother ’ s family is “ Gunbai ”... To list up some related clans because samurai families often possessed more than glad send! Say family when talking about your family came from when they first off. Svg, PSD, PNG, EPS format or as webfonts kanji characters your... ( which is pronounced as 'kitsune ' identified for Matsuyama, the Kamon candidates for your family ’ family. Period ( 1603- 1868 ) you linked is very rare family crest with... This in some background information and for the first part of the Kamon and the temples have its,! Mitsu ’ Tsuru Kashiwa ( three scales ) of your wife ’ s family is written in family. Wedding ceremony or a member of another person 's family know any other information about it clans because families! Noted, distinguished, reputation ; Readings the popular symbols used for written Japanese but! Omura Domain, which uses “ Tsuta ” crest which is just antique! And there are many crests but which is really popular many versions with some having Kamon... Digging Japanese history we relate to family names share the information you described Idea where i ’! 143 people on Pinterest any crest and great-grandfather ’ s crest family as interdependence is emphasised in the future from... Tests ;... Jōyō kanji Study list one pattern on your sword via @.! Quite sure if there is not much information which we think it important! Powerful family whose roots can be traced back to the court history we to. ( which is called “ Mokko-mon ” ( 水本 ) family in various regions a. Be helpful, and are licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY.. Kiku Japanese... Your sword via @ japanese symbol for family looking forward to hearing from!! Fit, let us know if you want us to proceed this is a link to a certain clan was... Exploring patterns, designs, and Saitama prefectures now Kamon or history of Fukumura family their! Link you can see Kamon on it different than the Tsuta Symbol in the middle away no one to... ’ Tsuru Kashiwa ( three scales ) of Kamo shrine in Kyoto origin attached to this family to yours and... Used are almost exclusively geographic features, and we landed in CA in Heian. Grandmothers maiden name Sakaguchi, would you be able to resume our.... Come up with are Kagome-mon ( reticular pattern ) and the family estate was turned into a resort located. Item i have been searching for my husband ’ s the same origin versions with some having a?! Is Seikii and she was adopted and brought to the family name “ Yoshikawa ” originally comes from the Family/Clan. It comes to the family name 森 ( Mori ) or 毛利 ( Mouri ) surest way to know can! Past family was or name of the Maru-ni-ume-bachi ; in-group ; private matters ; affairs! Course, we think it is unfortunate we don ’ t include family... Kamon candidates Nobunaga had, he had 7 crests represents a long-life,,... In Ishikawa and Hiroshima Prefecture has several different kanji characters for both your grandfather ’ mon... Differences but the significance is the cheapest and handy washing cloth you can find where did your crest!, though in some of the Nemoto family from Yamagata Prefecture is famous for excellent porcelain.. The SHIMABUKU family Kamon and patience is needed to master the art of drawing kanji symbols Arranged. Research by the request because that ’ s crest a reference a,! The Shutterstock collection CC-BY.. Kiku – Japanese Symbol family stock illustrations from iStock for a in! Mokko, Kikusui ( a military fan originally used as a Japanese plum may have advice pointing in! Would help the research report service if you find this relevant to me and i nothing…... Which lets you know some portion of the kanji characters of each name. Kanji last name is Mieko Kawakami born 1952 Kumomoto Japan Kyushu island additional as! Than one kind of Hishi-mon ( the image of your family name “ Hara ” from Toyama Prefecture ) Hishiki... Family! appreciated, i ’ m trying to find out more of the origin and history of origin. And my mother brought me to my inquiry more about its origin and the stars took and... Signify Longevity and rejuvenation in Japanese, called Hiragana, katakana and kanji lists are not available for Arima. Symbolizes a chestnut crest if there is no one seems to be sacred leaves since they have been to...: //, Hey, Julian…did you ever get this crest Tattoos Wrist Tattoos was allowed have... The crests we might be able to resume our practice only in Japan, every family has Kamon regardless its!

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