My husband got out of bed to answer the door and there was a turkey!! As if cleaning out the hutch and washing a gazillion dishes wasn’t enough for one day, the front door is being painted today. You are a sweetheart and you made my day! Gives her the feeling some spooky face like Freddy Kruger is looking in the house! Now infused with the latest technology from our proprietary Gennex colorant and a … I gave YOU the credit:) I’ve been reading for about a year now. . Inspired by America's historic landmarks, the collection contains 191 paint colors that area favorite for both interior and exterior applications. Leading paint company, Benjamin Moore made the announcement on October 11, 2017 in a lavishly color filled party at the Guggenheim. HC-181 Heritage Red is inspired by America’s historic landmarks and is part of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection. Can’t wait to see more yard pics! Inspired by America's historic landmarks, the collection contains 191 popular paint colors, a favorite for both interior & exterior in Pennsylvania. For me, the ideal scenario would be a transom on the top to let light in, and sidelights with stained glass. As for the front door. So I stopped and left the removal to the professional. I love lots of house excitement too! I hinted at what was going on here today on Facebook and asked what you guys were doing. Benjamin Moore Cliffside Gray, Benjamin Moore Heritage Red, DMB Design Associates, HD Kitchens and Baths, Kitchen Renovation One of the hot color trends is incorporating gray into our spaces. Heritage Red / BM RME-25 . The painter has been painting–more on that in a sec, the sod guy has been here measuring and the stump removal guy is due any moment. Have always loved your front porch and was wondering if you remember where you purchased your lights on the porch. I changed out a master bedroom/ back porch door from solid wood to a single french door and love it as it lets in so much light. You can read a bit more about them in this past post: Kimberly Queen Fern: The Shed-Free Fern. One day, my friend Sue called me up and asked me if I wanted to “borrow” her front door. We went with a product by Andersen that is powder coated metal wrapped exterior and a wood interior. There’s a huge hole in my home and in my heart. I know what you’re feeling about the loss of your kitty. I like the look of the door with all the glass panes because it lets in so much extra light but I think there is definitely a security issue with all the glass. But like a rich desert, too much can be overwhelming, so use in moderation. HC-181 Heritage Red is part of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection. Don't subscribe I had a full-glass front door in the Raleigh area, similar to the one pictured in black, before we moved about 6 months ago. The handle doesn’t look like the type of handle you would see on an exterior door, although they do make exterior doors in this style. Shop paint colors that will work well both interior and exterior. Big Hugs to you my dear friend, ... Benjamin Moore. —Dina Bandman of Dina Bandman Interiors. Info. This collection of popular paint colors is available in New York & Long Island at Aboff's. Regal® Select Interior Paint A heritage of quality enhanced with cutting edge technology. 01-16-2018 01:42 PM by tomvette | 3 comments ». Sooo funny! A quick funny story. Thanks for that! I did not see this one coming! Our house is white w/ black shutters, the door was just stained wood when we bought the house. Jean Claude (I’m speaking with a French accent right now. Good to know! That way you could open the front door and have all that brightness while still having the security of a locked door. I loved the plates/platters at the top of the hutch. ?”) to the lake. Image 1: (WALL) Blue Danube 2062-30, Aura®, Matte (TRIM) Taos Taupe 2111-40, ADVANCE®, Satin; Image 2: (WALL) Heritage Red HC-181, Aura®, Matte; Image 3: (WALL) Morning Sky Blue 2053-70, Regal® Select, Eggshell (STOOL) Cotton Balls OC-22, ADVANCE®, Satin Pin this ↑ Benjamin Moore Caliente is a rich red … We literally have an all glass front door – we didn’t event bother with a key lock on the inside if the glass were to be broken anyone could just walk right through… PS you’d love the door – mahogany with 3/4 of the front in a solid sheet of glass with a 2″ bevel. Do you think he minds having antlers? She gave me the name of that neighbor and I wrote her a letter asking if she happened to know the brand of paint that was used and color. I LOVE this look. It’s one of those neighborhoods where houses go on the market and there are multiple offers the same day. Sure do love the look, though. You always have something new and interesting to share. ), Update: Here’s an even better example of this style door. I have a steel door with beautiful oval-shaped glass and painted white. They wouldn’t be observed there because our former home backed up to a a natural ravine and dense woods. Ashley Whittaker. I know that you have been either buying or looking at the HGTV magazine in the store and may have seen this article called “Come on In!” the front door. Quantity. The Spruce For a paint color with a little more personality than some of the other browns, try Benjamin Moore's Charlton Brown. We painted the front door Benjamin Moore "Heritage Red", and the trim Behr "Divine Pleasure". (I would keep that beautiful and solid red wood door!) Beth P. I think if I went with a door like that, I’d need to change the deadbolt out to one that’s keyed on both sides instead of the kind that has a knob on the inside. This collection of popular paint colors is available in Chicago, IL at JC Licht. Replies. So much going on but I love it. “With darker trim in the same color, it’s a monochromatic scheme that’s easy to live with,” says Benjamin Moore color and design expert Andrea Magno. We got lucky… Err… We are blessed. That door is stunning but I’m not too sure I would want to sacrifice safety and privacy for it’s good looks. Esp. So, moral of the story is: Get the door you love and a security system. Here is just a sample of the collection; all 191 colors can be found exclusively at Benjamin Moore retailers. Leading paint company, Benjamin Moore made the announcement on October 11, 2017 in a lavishly color filled party at the Guggenheim. I enjoy your blog so much and hope the hole in your heart gets filled up very soon……hugs from cleo…. Frank, thanks so much for telling me about the Anderson windows. Andersen offered a uv protective glass that cuts ALL damaging rays. The house needed a lot of work and so I considered replacing it with a Craftsman style with a small window at top. © 2020 Benjamin Moore & Co. 101 Paragon Drive, Montvale, NJ 07645. Kathy Owen, Petticoat Junktion April 04, 2014. Would you consider keeping your solid door and putting on a full glass storm door?? In, Hello Laura, I have seen those French Kitchen Pigs at Hobby Lobby. But that’s the story of the “borrowed” door! The pattern is Ma Maison and it was designed by Dario Farrucci. It's Crazy Town here today! View real paint without the mess. Do you remember Jean Claude? And the breaking glass option is perfect for a door like you want. The RGB values for Benjamin Moore Heritage Red are 147, 19, 20 and the HEX code is 931314. You have been really busy Susan! Make it yours: Benjamin Moore 's Ruby Red 2001-10. Primary Sidebar. Currently it’s in the garage drying after its first coat. In addition to everything that’s going on today, I decided to take advantage of this stunningly-beautiful, sunny day and wash all the dishes stored inside the hutch here on the porch. Take this color for a test drive. We are currently hauling boulders to finish off the side yard…..I have never been so sore….. Can’t wait to see all the changes you are making around your house. Oh, you are having so much fun girl!!! Ashley Whittaker. All that said, we have poured a lot into our 1959 French provincial rancher. In the RGB color model #9a0b15 is comprised of 60.39% red, 4.31% green and 8.24% blue. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I love the red front door. I had planned to share the changes in the front yard but this post is getting a bit long and I really want to put the front yard updates in a post of their own. Colors from the Historical Collection can be used in a range of Benjamin Moore paints. I didn’t get to it earlier in the spring, so today was the day. Hi Susan, Benjamin Moore 2018 Color of the Year. When we had our former home professionally painted the last time, I saw a Chinese Red door at a house near amy friend’s house. He’s also say it would be too easy to break-in. In the HSL color space #ccc7b9 has a hue of 44° (degrees), 16% saturation and 76% lightness. Whatever you decide Iam sure will be just as pretty as your house. I have never felt unsafe, and it does have a deadbolt on it. Benjamin Moore's revered Historical Collection was inspired by 18th and 19th century architecture found throughout North America. View real paint without the mess. So sorry you’ve had a tough year…I hope the rest of the year is much better. I think I kind of like it! It had 1/2 light (top was glass, bottom was solid panels). Dec 10, 2015 By Layla Leave a Comment. The LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value and measures the percentage of light that a color reflects. I wish I had half your energy right now…it is to hot and humid in Minnesota to do anything as far as I am concerned! A Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Caliente Well HOT DAMN…literally. Your door sounds beautiful! The house also has a wrap around front porch. When your kitty was sick I could hardly stand it ( for many reasons/I felt bad for you/but also missed your blog). The painter has been painting--more on that in a sec, the sod guy has been here measuring and the stump removal guy is due any moment. Yes! We are fortunate that the rooms are large and we have 9 foot ceilings – rare for this time period. I know what you mean about front doors with glass… they look so elegant… but honestly, as beautiful as they are, they are not made for privacy! I am praying God blesses you in ways you never could have imagined for your energy and open sharing. Red is a great colour to add richness to any home, inside and out! That bit of extra sunshine in the room is always welcome! ), painted your front door or […] The stained glass allows some light and enough privacy that I don’t feel uncomfortable. Now… “dated”. Explore HC-181 Heritage Red and more at Standard Paint & Flooring. Awesome deal and for an old door…even better! HC-181 Heritage Red is part of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection, and popular among homeowners across Rhode Island. Never miss a Between Naps on the Porch post! We’re on a corner lot and have a front door and a side door instead of a back door. Much better option than window/door coverings e.g. Available in lines from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Farrow & Ball. I thought of you this afternoon when I was walking up my drive way and saw that my across the street neighbor’s River Birch leaves had blown into by yard! He did not break the glass at all. It is our forever home – we are close to the city center and can be anywhere in 10 minutes. HC-181 Heritage Red is part of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection, and popular among homeowners across NJ, PA and DE. I appreciate those blessings so much. It saw its reflection in the glass and thought it was another turkey and started hopping around and pecking and hit the doorbell! Three rooms completed, two to go. So sorry to learn of the loss of your golden, too. By golly, she called and said I was in luck, she still had a partial can there in the garage, and I could take it to the paint store and see if they could mix the same color using the partial formula label on the can. He’s just visible at the edge of the picture. If I did add a door with glass panes, I would keep the sidelights painted white as they are now. He may have been worried that you had glass breakage units wired into your security system. So expensive but totally worth it. BUT, my yard is secure…..I wouldn’t chance it for my front door. I love Jean Claude!! I have those in my basement and they detect both breaking glass and splintering wood. I would love a door like that on my house. The Historical Collection's Guilford Green HC-116 – ‘nature's neutral' as we like to call it – took the trend-setting role of Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year in 2015. Of course I said YES! Lots and lots of renovations/projects are in the works! Shop paint colors that will work well both interior and exterior. They will also trim the huge lilac bush and the Mugo pine. They make a special hinge called a “reverse hinge” that allows an exterior door to swing out. It sounds so much nicer than what you normally see in homes being built today. The LRV for Benjamin Moore Heritage Red is 6.69. Yeah, I was thinking about that…would feel that way at night for sure. Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colours – Top Reds. Good project for this winter. ... Heritage Red HC-181. Reply Delete. At that time, we had been using Duron paint for about 20 years and the mgr. I still love the look of polished brass and plan to keep the Baldwin Brass door knob, but since the door is just a standard height door and original to this 30 year old house, I think the plate shortens the look of the door. You can also subscribe without commenting. One glass break and the cops are on their way. I have a “Victorian Replica” house. The LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value and measures the percentage of light that a color reflects. Are you working on any home renovations right now? The hardware is oiled bronze since brass and ocean air don’t mix well here. However, my house faces east with no shade at all in the mornings, and it stays about 20 degrees hotter in the front of the house than the back. Too fun! Your home is looking wonderful. When we bought the house, the front door was a wood full divided light French door, which I did not like. Benjamin Moore 1309 MOROCCAN RED – This is one of my favorite go-to reds. In the RGB color model #ccc7b9 is comprised of 80% red, 78.04% green and 72.55% blue. The difference will be very important outside The light is wonderful and so is the view. I never concerned myself about security because today’s doors are double pane glass and require a lot of elbow grease to break. As far as privacy, I used magnetic curtain rods on the top and bottom of the oval on the side of the door that is inside the house and hung old lace curtains. . It turns out that Benjamin Moore is throwing down the gauntlet with another ‘game-changing’ colour of the year… Not familiar with it? Formerly known as Heritage Red PM-18. Your email address will not be published. Lots to consider! Subscribe for Daily Blog Post Updates! Hopefully the alarm system sticker/sign will deter and make them think twice. Although I figure if someone is going to break in — they aren’t likely to do it via the front door. It appears to possibly be a rear door out of a kitchen. He sanded and prepped the door for painting. I bet my Henley, your golden and Max are playing on the Rainbow Bridge together! On second thought, I can kind of guess what he/she might say. Aug 16, 2017 - Wow, look at these beautiful deep red tones! “We love experimenting with unique shades of a wide range of paint colors, but when it comes to red, classic is always our go-to. I think the door you already have is very pretty and looks great with your house style. I will be hanging it in the front windows and repainting the room, thats when my husband said, ” if we are going to paint, we might as well scrape the ceilings!!! Uh, that would be a NO! Loving your nest fluffing!! There was a subtle hint in the museum’s main gallery–the color of the roses–but nothing was confirmed until the big announcement. When we built a new house in the county, a young man tried to break into the back door, door was all glass with no grids. She told me recently that she considered the door to be permanently mine until I ever decide to sell the house. Folks have a tendency to leave the keys in them, which defeats the purpose. The LRV for Benjamin Moore Heritage Red is 6.69. I have a back stairway so I have a sneaky route to come down at night. The hexadecimal color code #9a0b15 is a medium dark shade of pink-red. ~Hugs to you~ Anyone have a door like this? HC-181: Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore is inspired by America’s historic landmarks and is part of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection. I dont know if the glass makes a difference or not for security. I’m all for nixing the brass kick plate. I’m finally getting some things done I had hoped to get done earlier in the spring before Mr. Max got sick. That sounds like fun…dishes trade out day! We installed a glass door last fall that we love. I am definitely looking forward to seeing some green sod out there. The trim is currently cedar and has to be stained every few years and I’m tired of doing that!!! Our French doors and other windowed doors are the same. Would probably be pretty hard to break through it! Well, if you haven’t visited Paris’ fashion shows (oh pshaw! The officers asked him if he knew me and I’m happy he said No! Benjamin Moore Heritage Red 2000-10 or PM-18 . © 2008-2020, Between Naps on the Porch | All Rights Reserved. Million Dollar Red 2003-10. Peel & stick paint samples made with real paint and shipped within 24 hours. It’s still a hobby for me, not a lot of traffic, but it’s just fun to meet new people and play along with the parties! Steeped in tradition, the … Hope you let us see the finished door when it is hung back on its hinges. Smouldering Red 2007-10. I wondered if it was because of the sound of breaking glass that the neighbors would here? . The glass is storm proof and unbreakable. I’m sorry you have had to go through that, too. Spark your creativity with a range of design and color ideas for your home. Ben Goldstein/Studio D "We recently used this shade to paint our client’s exterior front door. Explore HC-181 Heritage Red and more at Ricciardi Brothers. And… They are true divided light. A fabulous post full of inspiring front door images. When not outside I am scrapping all the popcorn off of our ceilings, have all rooms but one bathroom done upstairs and then to the downstairs. Benjamin Moore Heritage Red Door via Young House Love. I think it would be way too hot to have a glass door. (A wreath will give some privacy, too, right?) I enjoy your blog. Meet the modern paint swatch. This collection of popular paint colors is available in New York & Long Island at Aboff's. People can see in at night, but not so much during the day. While you are working I have been in my friends pool enjoying the cool water! The colors you posted have LRV’s that are higher – these are 6 and below. Paint color is benjamin moore s heritage red the perfect what are the best paint colours for your front door pin on home red paint ideas benjamin moore rethinking red front door paint colors new front door color benjamin moore carriage red house. Thanks, Gee! That’s a lot of sod, folks! Add to cart Watch Product Video. The RGB values for Benjamin Moore Heritage Red are 147, 19, 20 and the HEX code is #931314. I’ve been joining your parties for a long time too and frankly, you’re the reason I blog! I love everything you have done and can’t wait to see how your yard looks! A Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Caliente Well HOT DAMN…literally. However, we went with doors that match the general “era” of our new “old” home and put in double glass doors. He was our waiter when we dined in that wonderful French cafe for this tablescape Thursday: Breakfast in a French Cafe. I LOVE the look and extra light. Aug 16, 2017 - Wow, look at these beautiful deep red tones! He will also put a new roof over the garage. Hi.I love your French kitchen pig.Can you please tell me where you bought him Benjamin Moore Color Samples will show you how the color will look on your walls, house, porch, or anywhere else you want new color. Will you build them yourself Beth? This color is part of the Historic Color collection. Benjamin Moore 1308 RED PARROT – sitting just above Moroccan Red, Red Parrot is a tad brighter and would be better for a darker room. Asking price: $3,998,000 Size: about 5,088 sq. For comparison, I own the Delta Q3 40-650 and an RBI Hawk 220-3, both great saws. The RGB values for Benjamin Moore Heritage Red are 147, 19, 20 and the HEX code is 931314. Thanks for the info about the doors…I love the double glass doors, they are so pretty. I always thought of getting one too, I think they are too cute. The exact shade of red you would expect a proud, stout front door to … Thanks, Sue! My front door is half glass and has the same kind of deadbolt. It will probably look the same except a little shinier and minus the brass kickplate. I agree I love how much brighter having a open front door allows. 8 Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore. Know what colors you’re getting before you buy. They block the view inside from the street but still let lots of sunlight in. It’s not bright, nor is it too blue or brown. So glad the drink was a hit! I’ve been following you for years and have loved every minute. Cath Kidston for Lonny. Laura, I found him in Home Depot Expo and unfortunately, they are all gone shut down now. Later……. ROSEDALE-MOORE PARK. I just could never tell you how much reading your things have helped me to heal in this past year. The dynamic hint of red peeking in from the next room shows off the grayed-out quality typical of Colonial colors—a result of … I think my daughter took after her. Our current door has a little bitty frosted glass insert – that hubby hates. We had a red front door for years at our previous home, and the color I last used, I LOVED. Everything is washed, just waiting to be put back inside the hutch. I have the same set up as you and living alone I went for the solid door with the same side lights, which, by the way let in a lot of sunlight. Update: On closer inspection, I wonder if this door is a storm door. XO, We just went with “full view” doors…now one can look straight through (is that a “shotgun house? Also my garden really needs more sun and that will help. Two minutes later he got arrested by police! You have so much good stuff going on. Who Knows? I could easily live with any of these door color picks depending on the setting or style of the house. The brass plate needed to be removed for painting and I’ve decided to leave it off this time. I love that you are getting so much accomplished and will be looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s post on landscaping! How about any landscaping projects? Regal Paint is the time-honored tradition of Benjamin Moore paints that consumers have trusted for over 50 years. I bet with some googling you may be able to locate one online, though. If I see one online, I will let you know. I have the light cabinets and I love them. I did love it and my door was also red, Susan. I just feel like I’m listening to myself when I read your blogs – you have the most interesting things to do/say, and they’re always tings I’m interested in. Aura is washable in any sheen, so you can use the sheen of your choice in any room. I try to do as much as I can but don’t have a saw to take care of those small saplings……….then in 3 weeks or so, The “siding man” arrives to put siding on all the trim of the house to match the existing siding, and fix the downspouts that have come away from the drains. I used to sell new homes in Atlanta, GA in the ‘8o & 90’s when they were a “must”. I asked the home builder if it were possible to swing the doors outside. We hope this board triggers some inspiration in you to chose this bold statement colour to make your house into your perfect home!. hi there ! I had a door that was partially glass and I liked it, but not sure I’d want the whole door that way, although it’s beautiful! ” thats just how it all starts… just like that!!! If so, take some pics so I can see how you do it. I had just watered the Kimberly Queen Fern, can you tell? Everything is looking wonderful and I know you will enjoy all the extra light you have from the tree removal. This collection of popular paint colors is available in Johnson Paint in MA, NH, and ME Guess these things skip a generation. Wende, that is an amazing price! HOWEVER, that said so NOT a good idea for a woman living alone. For those who want specific, detailed information, it is generally accepted that 'Barn Red' is a shade of Red that is 98% saturated and 49% bright. Thanks, Sandi! Learn more about Light Reflectance Values and using RGB and Hex codes for paint. taught us to do years ago. Cant wait till tomorrow to see ”outside”. Susan – we have been in our current home for about three years. My husband is building shutters for the house. I wish I could have seen your husband’s face when he opened the door and found a turkey standing there! Wow, Joselyn, sounds like you are doing the whole house! We have a glass door I really like it, but the after noon sun from the west is pretty warm this time of year ! HA! The Right Paint or Stain for your Project section. I enjoy your blog and am always amazed at how much we have in common—even the books we love. Iam going to hug them both right now. I love the glass front door and would love to have one. With its steadfast relevance, it's clear why the appeal – and designer demand – for the Historical Collection persists. And three years later that door is still on my house. We live in Huntsville, Alabama. Thank you, Sue! That is hysterical! These days, more and more homeowners are opting to paint their house black. Now I want to read them. JC looks too funny, not just rolling his eyes, but like “Get these antlers off me!” Cute, though. LOVE that last door too! Ever since I was diagnosed with fibro my energy levels just doesn’t permit the kind of gardening I was once capable of so I’m trying to go with mostly self maintaining plants and perennials at that. Thanks for that input about the door, Mary…appreciate so much. Searching for ideas for THAT is how I found your blog in the first place! If they realllly want in, they will find a way. He is on vacation this week so I don’t expect it to be done within the next few weeks. You’ve got the right idea with a good double cylinder deadbolt and an alarm–and a second staircase. Explore HC-181 Heritage Red and more at The Color House. Design opportunities abound: Set a tranquil tone in any room with calming Woodlawn Blue HC-147 or Wickham Gray HC-171. HC-181 Heritage Red is part of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection. If you’d like to see my post on front door colors, click here. HC-181 Heritage Red is inspired by America’s historic landmarks and is part of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection. It's the perfect front door, wood framed chair, or vintage credenza gloss.” LOVE the true divided light front door! In the latest HGTV magazine, there is a door that is painted Sherwin Williams Major Blue..with nickle hardware. On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual paint colors. Originally described as ‘reflecting the dignity and warmth of an era of gracious living.' I always figure if someone really wants to break in to your house they are going to regardless so I’ve just never worried about it. I love the idea of having a glass pane door. Take this color for a test drive. Seems like it would be pretty easy to break out the window and get inside, doesn’t it? I have set most plans aside for the fall when I hope to build my raised beds for vegetables next year as well as building an arbor and putting up a few select pieces of white picket fencing to define different parts of the garden. No one ever did while we were there. I’m thinking…maybe a door like this. Each pane is its own little energy efficient window. For exteriors, the Historical Collection is also a favorite: Consider the enduring appeal of Gloucester Sage HC-100 or the rich and deep Hale Navy HC-154. Benjamin Moore 2007-20 … is a site that allows the translation of commercial tints to RGB as well as the reverse when you have an RGB code and want to match it to a commercial tint. You might look there if you have one in your area. Learn more about Light Reflectance Values and using RGB and Hex codes for paint. The RGB values for Benjamin Moore Heritage Red are 147, 19, 20 and the HEX code is #931314. 2018 design is already heating up — at least, for Benjamin Moore.. When I saw the glass door I couldn’t help but think of my mother. I am excited to get this work done, I’ve let it go for so long but am still worried about spending that kind of money seeing as I can’t seem to get any more money coming in!!!! Let’s just say the house is a whole lot brighter inside and I’m loving that! I hope my neighbor reads your blog and they remove theirs! Landscape Renovation: Big Changes and Ready for the Sod. Best DIY. We are taking down some river birch trees they seem to drop there leaves all year long and I am tired of cleaning up the mess. This Fall I am getting a storm/screen door for the front so I can open the door and let air and light into the front of the house on nice days and even on snowy days too!!! The new door installer was surprised that my old door had a deadbolt with a key. Happy Tuesday. Learn more about Light Reflectance Values and using RGB and Hex codes for matching colors. Over forty years later, we're pleased that this characterization of the Historical Collection perseveres. For some of my favorite red paint colors click here. I would love to have one on my south facing door at the end of the house, but then my laundry room would be in clear view of the world and that might not be too pretty most days. Inspired by America's historic landmarks, the collection contains 191 paint colors that are a favorite for both interior and exterior applications. If they looked in, they would only see my foyer and the edge of my family room, so I think that part would be okay.

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