However, You can check our scores on Best Paintball Mask For Glasses and read full specifications each of the products. Among those where you can safely and efficiently use this anti-fog spray to are swim and sports goggles, eyewear, binoculars, windows, scopes, ski goggles, paintball masks, and dive masks, among many others. The mask should perfectly fit with your glasses even if it comes with a foam that is amended on both sides of the arms of your glasses. Today we’re going to explore some mask options for the glasses wearing paintball player that provide maximum comfort and optimum protection, we will also look at how to combat fogging. Each mask is unique in its way like Dye i5 is best overall, JT masks and Empire masks are known for glasses users, and big heads, Push unite the newer tech in the market, etc. The mask does everything as advertised. This mask is my favourite in terms of glasses compatibility, customization, and full head coverage. The lens comes with a scratch-resistant coating so you won’t have to replace it any time soon. Now you can adjust it according to your need. One of flexibles goggles, Empire E-lex, comes with an extra flexible facial skirt and squishy foam which means, your glasses will not be pressed against the bridge of your nose. We have collected information for Best Paintball Mask For Glasses and selected only ten of them based on 40942 reviews. With its massive face coverage, 260 degrees wide-angle field of vision is an idea for glasses users. Let’s look a bit more in-depth at what Invert packed in these goggles. However, you need to reapply it throughout the day, though. A good paintball mask; Something to cut with; An anti-fog spray; A micro-fiber cloth to wipe the glasses down; 1. An Energy and Environmental Engineer, athlete, and social worker. These are the Best Paintball Mask For Glasses in the market. Most people use beanies, or headbands to protect themselves from sunburns. Overall, the VForce Profiler is one of the best-designed paintball masks in the game, and while remaining sleek, still has plenty of room and comfort for your prescription eyeglasses underneath. One of the key things to look for is a paintball mask with foam that is cut on either side where your glasses arms are. The best paintball mask for glasses should have enough space for your type of eyeglass. Choosing the best paintball mask for glasses that fit the face and is fog-free is a real struggle. Empire has used its vast experience of designing and developing paintball masks, and then designed Empire EVS Paintball Masks/Goggles. In other words, it is strong enough to protect you from getting shot. This is a mask that acts as much more than a cover. In this beast, the lens won’t fog at all, but if it does, or if the lens gets dirty with the paint, you can change it within 10 to 20 seconds. The multi-layer soft facial foam is replaceable with a single push into the chassis of the mask. That is why it is one of the best paintball masks for glasses wearers. Glasses: If you wear glasses, it’s absolutely crucial that you find a mask designed to fit over them, because some are and some aren’t designed to wear with glasses. The JT frames are especially known for their glasses compatibility. Think about it: You can now get your secure and comfortable fit with the GSR strap even if you are a small head. Empie EVS was World’s first smart paintball mask because the lens and foam, both were replaceable in mere seconds. Paintball masks come with varying degree of vision field. Though it is not recommended to cut your pricy foam, if you are struggling to keep the glasses in place, then cut small sections (length of glasses arms) of the foam, and place the branches into them. If you are specifically looking for a paintball mask for eyeglasses, we recommend the gorgeous Empire EVS mask that is built for comfort. Best Face Mask Materials: Cotton With Chiffon. View. From its ear protection, perfect fit in the shape of GSR pro strap, comfy facial foam, flexible external material, maximum coverage for safety, multi-directional venting to its optical clarity, Dye i5 has won many hearts in the pro paintball audience, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. View. Foam inserts and lenses can be removed and replaced with ease, extending the lifespan of the paintball mask. I bought a tub of fogdoc from hustle paintball. These goggles that are ideal for wearing over glasses are thought to be some of the Best Paintball Mask for Glasses out there. The 10 Best Paintball Mask For Men 5,843 reviews scanned ... TedGem motorcycle goggles motocross masks, motorcycle sunglasses, protective glasses, dust protection glasses, removable You might get hit on sensitive parts of the face like nose, cheeks, or even eyes because those glasses won’t survive the direct impact of a pellet. What mask is best for glasses. Your best bet is to go into your local sporting-goods retailer and try on different masks. 5 Best Airsoft Masks for Glasses When you need an airsoft mask for glasses you need to find a mask that fits over your glasses easily, no matter how large they are. Such fans are an extra expense, but trust me; they are worthwhile. Paintball Mask Sale at In other words, facial foams do get dirty and sweaty, and they mess up the eyes during the play by adding fog if they cannot absorb any more sweat and heat. The vision is fantastic. 99 The first goggle on top of the list is the VForce Grill - Not only does this paintball mask have foam with cut outs for your glasses, its lens also sits slightly further from your face which give your glasses room. Here, I am going to review the 9 best paintball mask … The quick-release foam kit allows you to replace the lens within seconds, so you can get on and play the game. That is Dye special edition thermal lens Paintball mask. It was a struggle learning to put them in & getting used to wearing them, but now i can't imagine NOT wearing contacts. Those who have worn this mask before have mentioned it fits very well and does not fog up. A good paintball mask; Something to cut with; An anti-fog spray; A micro-fiber cloth to wipe the glasses down; 1. Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball … It is particularly crucial to purchase the best paintball helmet for your needs. In addition to this, they have some great vents which help to prevent the visor from getting fogged up. DYE i5 Paintball Goggle . Most of the best should give you a minimum of 250 degree view. Liam McNabb – Is there anything I should be worried about or bring with me if I am going to play in the rain? This means you won’t have to worry quite so much about being hit. What I am so satisfied with in this paintball mask is its ability to provide full protection to the face. 3. is participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites, as well as to other websites that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. I vouch for its hindrance free optical clarity. People who have worn these goggles before have said that it offers impressive breathability and the goggles are comfortable to wear. Choosing the perfect mask for glasses wearers is crucial. So not wearing a mask is out of the equation, you just need to find the appropriate methods to use glasses under the cover, and fortunately, we got the following methods for you. I love the grittiness and thrill of paintball. This means they could be ideal for use during your next paintball game. I5’s foam is high quality, it absorbs sweat and heat generated by the body to keep the fog away from your glasses and lens, and it protects your face from the pellet impacts. Ive use tons of goggle and masks with this one topping the cake. September 9, 2020. Moreover, Empire E-lex comes with an anti-fog, anti-scratch, UV proof thermal lens with optical clarity. The removable visor which has been made to fit over glasses is very easy to remove and put back again. Wear it low enough to keep the paint out of your eyes. The lens only takes 30 seconds to replace. This is because there are so many paintball masks on the market right now. JT Spectra Proflex LE Thermal Goggle is for professional paintball players. It will not disappoint you. The goggle attach to your head like glue with comfort. Whether it’s speedball or woodsball, if contact lenses aren’t your thing, you need the best paintball mask for glasses. Glasses: If you wear glasses, it’s absolutely crucial that you find a mask designed to fit over them, because some are and some aren’t designed to wear with glasses. While some masks might steam up, this mask is unlikely to. Paintball masks come with varying degree of vision field. Free shipping for many products! To clarify, the vents are helpful to get rid of the fog while keeping your insides cool. The Best Paintball Masks For Glasses For glasses wearers is can be difficult to find a paintball mask that’s comfortable and practical to wear. Michael Vincent – What is the best paintball mask to wear with glasses? September 9, 2020. Complete with an anatomic fit, the goggles should be molded to your head for extra comfort. I wouldn’t recommend you to cut sections into the foam, use a glasses strap for a secure fit. The fantastic ventilation system coupled with a JT Vortex 2 goggle fan (your choice) provides excellent breathability. Push Unite Paintball Goggles/MASK with Quad PANE Lens and CASE Review, 6. It is a struggle to clear your glasses several times during a play, glasses may hurt the bridge of your nose, they might not fit well, or the mask. Just about all goggles on the market are OTG (over the glasses). 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Therefore, you will be comfortable with your glasses. The hearing and communication are not disturbed either. Empire EVS was the “World’s first smart” paintball mask. But, then again, they keep fogging up when you are playing, frame squeezes your nose, your vision is blurred, and ultimately, you get hit by hundreds of paintball pellets. The good news is this article will help you find the Best Paintball Mask for Glasses for you, allowing you to play at your very best. AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The main reason this is one of the best masks for paintball out there is the value for the money. You may be thinking that it has a low price and the quality of the mask is very low. I also wear my daily glasses under this mask and they never fog as well. You also need a mask that allows you to see exactly what’s going on while you get on with winning the game. Durability Paintball masks are made from a solid or semirigid plastic like elastomer, with visors constructed from a shatter-resistant polycarbonate like Lexan. The foam is a little soft but makes the fit that much more comfortable. The wider you can see during the game, the better for you. Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle, The lens is polycarbonate which makes it extra tough, The chin strap ensures they’re likely to fit quite well, They offer a good field of vision so you can see what’s happening around you, The strap does not always stay in place and the goggles could fall off, The lens can get scratched a little too easily which can ruin your experience, The lens can be warped which could make it hard to see. I recommend this mask. Masks made with one layer of cotton … The multi-direction venting system is set to release the moisture and heat quickly without adding fog on the lens. If you are using a streamline paintball mask with an open forehead, a headband will not only protect your forehead from bruises and welts if you get shot, but it will also absorb the sweat and keep it out of your mask and glasses. 1- Dye i5 – Best Thermal Paintball Mask: If you are looking for Paintball Goggles with unparalleled peripheral vision or Best Thermal Paintball Mask, embedded with systems that are made using the latest technology and extreme level of comfort, then DYE i5 is the best choice.The masks are a benchmark and an addition to the line of DYE paintball goggles with the latest technology. In my humble opinion, Dye i5 goggle is not only the paintball mask for glasses but overall. Throw in the silicone strap, and your face should fit in the goggles very nicely. Another high-quality paintball mask that I am sure will satisfy the majority of potential users is the DYE i5.In my opinion, one major highlight of this paintball goggle is its highly advanced dual-pane thermal lens, which is capable of preventing fogging.In fact, I can say that it is one of the best paintball masks with an anti-fog feature right now. For this, you just need to make sure that the selected paintball mask is designed for those with glasses. JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles. Above all, it protects specs users from glare. Click here to see the best price. Check out these top paintball masks under $100 as well. You need a paintball mask that’s going to work well no matter what is going on during the game. Paintball is an exciting game that a growing number of people are mastering every year. Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System Review, How to wear a paintball mask on glasses – A complete  Buyer Guide. Since we are speaking about best paintball masks, check our detailed guide on high-end paintball masks. It protects players from burns of the liquid substances and makes sure you get your best time. Others have said that these goggles last for a long time as they’re very robust and are ideal for games that last hours. It improves breathability, dissipates warmer air and heat while entering cooler air to keep the fog away. What is the best paintball mask for glasses wearer? ... Best Paintball Mask. Safety first, after all. Today we’re going to explore some mask options for the glasses wearing paintball player that provide maximum comfort and optimum protection, we will also look at how to combat fogging. Top 10 Best Paintball Gun of 2020- Beginner to Pro List. The Empire brand has introduced the Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System, their best paintball masks on the market and one of the most durable units you’ll ever come across. The compression formed ears allow you to hear more while your ears are completely protected.Those who have already worn the goggles have mentioned that they can see more wearing these goggles that they can with any others they have worn. The mask itself contains vents that allow you to see what’s going on no matter how hard you work. Top 5 Best Paintball Masks of 2020 Are you looking for the best paintball mask on the market? I have yet to find a pressure point on the mask. Good for specs users. Bear Thomason – What are the pros and cons of a poppet vs spool valve? One of the most impressive paintball masks that I got the chance to encounter is the Dye Precision I4 Thermal. It will help you to keep your head cooler, both the glasses and mask lens won’t fog up as nearly as much, and you can enjoy more extended drills. To sum it up, I would recommend this if you are after a wide-angle of view without visual distortion. But, the thing that separates Push unite from other premium mask is 16 loud strategic vents. Above all, a proper venting will keep the warmer air out while letting cooler air in. But that safety, ... but also lets you see the action. We are searching for the best paintball mask glasses friendly on the market and analyze these products to provide you the best choice. But it has many features that have on high-end paintball masks. Ask first about masks designed for wearers of glasses. JT masks are around since the 90s, and they have never disappointed pros to beginners. Eventually got contacts, which i got primarily for paintball. The Best Paintball Mask Guide is here. Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle comes with a thermal lens and a co-molded frame which makes for a more comfortable fit. I like its soft squishy facial foam. I will go higher depending on the specs of the mask like if it has thermal lenses or a visor. The highlight of the E-Flex is the collapsible bottom that will give you a unhindered fit for your mask, even when your chin is down on the ground, when taking aim for that kill shot. The basic design that holds the lens together is the same on various models. Best Paintball Mask provides unbiased and authentic reviews about the paintball mask in the market. The ventilation system is just a plus point; the interior space is enough for you to adjust your specs in it. The biggest barrier in buying a mask is the availability of lots of options. The wider you can see during the game, the better for you. Just about all goggles on the market are OTG (over the glasses). Specially designed venting improves breathability, communication, and most importantly, it resists fogging by rapidly adding cooler air inside. In other words, it instantly kills any fog and keeps your face cool by removing the heat and warm air quickly with the help of Vortex 2 fan. First things first, the plastic housing of the JT Premise covers pretty much every part of the user’s face, while the removable head coverage can be detached at any given time. From anti-fog lens, adjustable quality strap, a fantastic field of vision, squishy facial foam, beefier ear pads, to qual layer thermal lens. If you are looking to get into this sport, it is essential to invest in high-quality protective equipment. In short, all these things add up to no fog policy, which is excellent for glasses users. One of the best paintball mask to wear with glasses, JT spectra flex 8 gives maximum head coverage, and it is light on the head. Available in 4 colors, the Empire E-Flex will help to protect your eyes, ears, and mouth. what is the best mask for eyeglasses. With an ultra-soft face skirt, you’re likely to feel very comfortable. Usually, a mask with foam that is cut on either side where glasses arms are fit is recommended. In our article, we have addressed such issues in detail, and our top 6 paintball goggles will serve their purpose. The first thing you need to do is check the furrow in the foam of such covers that can hold the legs of glasses. Venting is top-notch in this mask. The JT Spectra Flex 8 also comes with full head coverage which offers wearers full protection. A dual-pane anti-fog thermal lens and a goggle fan will help to remove fog from our glasses and the lens. All these minor details help to provide a distortion-free optical clarity which is crucial for glasses wearers. I used to wear glasses while playing. i5 is the best paintball mask XL for big heads. That is to say, use it when your glasses are fogging. He played about 4 hours and didn't have to re-apply the stuff. The thing that separates i5 from other masks is it GSR pro strap with the adjustment dial.

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