Also wanted to know how high your cake was with the 3 8” cakes. It’s not as dense as I like– more of a light cake, like you get from a box mix. )), or they were dry. I thought mine would rise much better and be taller but it wasn’t the flavor is fabulous, and my kids are loving it. So of course, I had a piece and I have zero regrets. The layers would be a bit thinner in the 8″ but mine were right to the top of my 6″x2″ pans. Assembled cake can … In this tutorial, we learn how to decorate a carrot cake. It was probably an additional 20g of flour. Would like the fat layers like you have above. Here are some tips:, Hi, what would the measurements for the carrot cake be if I used 3 x 7inch tins? Cream cheese frosting is so hard to work with – I always struggle with it too. You can totally make this with just a hand mixer. And are you at high elevation by chance? Beat until well combined (2 mins). Otherwise you’d need to increase the recipe which can be tricky to figure out. Going to be time poor for a morning birthday party. It helps if they are both at the same temp but not too soft and mushy. I have to send a pic. To completely thaw a refrigerated one takes about 3 hours of so (depending on the height, etc). First, apply icing all over the top and the sides of the cake. So happy to hear that you loved the recipe , Hi liv, do you think it would keep ok if I put the frosting on the night before and refrigerate? The other thing that used to turn me off of carrot cake was the cream cheese frosting. Put the butter milk chocolate peanut butter and marshmallows into a small saucepan. Ideally you’d use that and granulated, but if you don’t have that either you can substitute granulated for it. Be sure to not fill them more than 2/3rds full and just make cupcakes with any excess . I would 1.5x it. I actually didn’t really care for carrot cake until a few years ago. Want to add nuts and raisins but I am not sure how much….any suggestions?? Top with approximately 2/3 cup of buttercream and spread evenly. I usually don’t comment on products or recipes unless they are really good . Hi Robert! Like you, I’m not a homemade carrot cake fan as I have found most recipes to be heavy, greasy and just plain gross. No worries at all! Hi Emel! I’m wondering will it keep in the fridge or should I freeze it until the day before & defrost it overnight? Thanks. Definitely send me a pic!! I keep meaning to try it out and see. I made this cake and another carrot cake for a wcake tasting and this cake got the majority of the vote so I will be making this for my friend’s wedding on February 9th. Will definitely make the icing again but use another recipe for the cake. First, apply icing all over the top and the sides of the cake. Hi lovely, I would change the servings to 18 above the ingredients and that will give you enough for 3 8″ tins x. Hi Adriana! I doubled up the recipe and made 2 x 8″ layers and 20 large cupcakes… double wrapped everything and popped into the freezer (after sneaking a couple of the cupcakes… delish!!!). Jump-start your career with our Premium A-to-Z Microsoft Excel Training Bundle from the new Gadget Hacks Shop and get lifetime access to more than 40 hours of Basic to Advanced instruction on functions, formula, tools, and more. Add vanilla. I just popped this cake in the oven, with equal parts pineapple to carrots (300g each) I used canned pineapple drained it and tossed it in some flour before adding it to the batter. I am not sure it would work properly if you fully replace it. I am thinking of making cupcakes and was wondering what sized your 32 cupcakes were as that seems like many if they are the regular size. Thank you for the sweet comment, that is a huge compliment! Thanks so much for all your tips! Thank you so much, your comment totally made my day! You could always pop the whole bowl of frosting in the fridge for 20mins or so and then rewhip — that should help firm it up a bit . You can always add more powdered sugar to stiffen it up. Start checking at 20mins or so. thank you. It will change the color and flavour slightly but will still be delicious! , If I recall, it stays pretty moist, but there’s never any harm adding a bit of simple syrup! Defrost in the fridge overnight then take out 2-3 hours before serving so it can come to room temp , Thank you so much! Hi Jess! Will it be ok in the fridge or because it’s semi naked, will the red velvet cake get dry? . So I switched from my paddle attachment to the whisk. Here’s a site I use as a guideline: Regarding the baking, I would wrap the chilled cake layers in plastic wrap and freeze them — thaw before frosting. Hi there. I bought a pre-made edible flower mix from Whole Foods. Baking temperature stays the same but baking time may vary slightly. It really was a wonderful cake. When I made this for her 70th birthday, she cried with each bite. Thanks, Hi Laura! Get Recipe. Haven’t found a recipe we don’t absolutely love from your website! How do you measure your flour? I haven’t measured the height of the cake, but I think 15cm would be too small. I’ve never thawed a fully frozen cake (just refrigerated) so I can only speculate. The wedding reception is on Saturday at 5:30pm and I am leaving Thursday morning for my trip. Hi Sophia! Its spicing is not as intense as I like. Hi Marylin! I am using this cream cheese frosting for your red velvet cake. This carrot cake recipe is super perfect for the Fall weather! This carrot cake has been a major hit over here. Just finished making this carrot cake. There shouldn’t be too much moisture . Further, even though you might be an ardent lover of carrots, big carrot pieces will not taste good and will make the batter lumpy. I made this cake a few days ago. Just had a couple of questions. The whole cake or just the layers? However, you can serve this delicious cake anytime when you think outside the box for your decorations. All Rights Reserved. You’re a lifesaver. 4.2 out of 5 stars 15. It's a tasty homemade dessert you can make for birthdays, Easter or any time you're looking for a sweet treat. It has been a long time in the making and i am so so proud of it and cannot wait for you all to read it i hope you love it as much as i do. 18 / 33. Just right! The cake cutting is not till 10pm. It would require some experimentation on my part to test that out. If you just want a simple cake to serve with coffee or for breakfast, then try this carrot cake loaf that is sure to please you and your guests. That being said, this is a very moist cake, so it does take a long time to fully bake through and is still moist when done. Hi Amanda, which cream cheese did you use please. Hi Lora! Strange that it didn’t rise in the middle… are your baking powder/soda still fresh? Here are some sites I use as a guideline: You never steer me wrong. Hi Rita! On the day of the wedding, I will take the layers and bring them to the venue (40min drive) at 5pm and assemble them there. I want to bake this cake for my daughter’s birthday. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. But, in light of Easter on the horizon, I thought it would be a perfect time for a (somewhat) themed dessert to go along with it. I need the cupcakes for Friday, but the cake not until Sunday… Can I make the frosting a couple of days in advance and store it in the fridge? In a large bowl, beat the sugar, oil, eggs and vanilla together. . Is it a must or can one use any type or just one type of sugar? Nope! Also, how do you make the butter cream so it’s stiff enough to ice around the whole cake? X. Flavor-wise, this is delicious. I frosted the night before for a morning party and took it out an hour before serving. Yes please. Re: the flowers — I’m not totally sure what they are all called! Small carrot cake made without pineapple, but full of walnuts in the frosting (leave off for nut-free option). Thank you. I made this for my baby’s birthday party. Hi Amanda! It’s updated now I hope you like it! You can 2x it also, but you’ll have extra batter that you can make cupcakes with if you like . . The celebrations officially start now with this all-star carrot cake! I’m in the UK too if that makes any difference. Simply place them on top of the cake, or adhere them to the sides with extra frosting as we did with this darling carrot layer cake. and happened to check the recipe of your carrot cake and decided to make this one. Thanks! Top tier is 6 inch and bottom tier is 8 inch. If you have carrot cake marked down as an ‘everyday’ kind of cake, then take a look at this other stunning recipe – a layered carrot cake – four layers are sandwiched between a chocolate and vanilla marbled cheesecake filling, plus thick layers of cream cheese… Cream cheese is just too strong for me, and I found that on most carrot cakes it was overpowering. Quick question. Carrot Cake Decoration Ideas Little Birthday Cakes Hi Leah! My sister wants a carrot cake for her birthday and I have NO IDEA how to decorate with cream cheese frosting. I would make this for an occasion again, but I do love a traditional carrot cake for everyday. Thanks so much Carolyn! Approximate size is 25mm. Used dole canned pineapple tidbits for reference. I did add a little milk (about a teaspoon) to the butter cream as it was a little thick and I was struggling to apply the crumb coat. It’s not so so soft (like most carrot cake recipes) that you can’t stack the layers without it sliding off. I’m also wondering what edible flowers you decorated with? Edible flowers aren’t super easy to find, but Whole Foods almost always has some. That’s all, no more questions I swear. The baking time should be relatively the same for two 8″ pans. I was just thinking I’d like to make a carrot cake sans the “obstacles”. Cakes should be baked immediately and the one that sits out might not bake up correctly. The best carrot cake I’ve ever had! They were done at 45mins total. Royal Icing Edible Carrot Decorations -Cake or Cupcake Topper by Fondant Flowers (Medium Set of 60) 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. I hope that helps! X, Hi Jess!! Another possible issue (which could contribute to the dryness too) is too much flour. So glad I found your page, on my 4th cake from your recipes now! So I’ve made this cake for an afternoon tea which I thought was for tomorrow… turns out it’s in three days. 1. Hand-Piped Sugar Carrot Cake Decorations, Pack of 12. Each cake bakes up perfectly and is not overly sweet, and you have such great designs that just take them to the next level. This classic Carrot Cake recipe is one you'll want to add to your collection! I will be sure to add another comment with the results! So happy you liked it . Did you use light or dark brown sugar? Add carrot ribbons and cook 2 minutes; drain well, then pat dry. One layer carrot cake that's better than Publix carrot cake, I promise! My cream cheese frosting is different than most, as it uses more butter than cream cheese, but you can totally still taste the cream cheese. This time I had an assignment, to make a carrot cake for my best friend’s birthday. Just be sure to wrap them well and they’ll freeze for up to 3 months. I’ve heard people have had issues with it. Thank you! If I weigh the batter and divide it, would I still need to save some for cupcakes? That being said I finally found it! Make sure the flowers you use are safe to eat — some can be toxic! Difficulty level: Medium. This cake is absolutely delicious and was a complete hit!! Bec. It has the right amount of spice and great texture – not to heavy or too light. I’m so happy you loved this one . So, I’ve been staying away from sweets, but still baking for people, etc, and I’ve been able to resist the temptation of eating any cake I bake. The recipe will also work in two 8″ pans – baking time will be similar. Is the oven temp fan bake or normal? The cake is baked and delightful! The taste is great, don’t know why they didn’t fully bake, any ideas? I’ll be testing out all your other recipes posted here from now on. If you want to use fan you should decrease the temperature by 25F. Add orange food coloring and stir until colored. The recipe should make about 18-24 depending on size , Oh perfect! This will increase the volume of batter though so just be sure your pans are not filled too high . A carrot cake is a traditional spring dessert that is reminiscent of Easter. Thanks so much for your tips. Jane. instead of a cake can I make cupcakes and could I freeze the cupcakes? If you’re ok with thinner layers you can use the recipe as is but reduce the baking time. I don’t really want to add more sugar as the taste was perfect as it was! ), and this has carried over to the other bakers in my family too. Just note that the purple will come out somewhat black/green and may not look very pretty! Hi there, I would like to add some walnuts to this recipe. Hi Leen! I plan on rotating them. Hi Linda! Want to master Microsoft Excel and take your work-from-home job prospects to the next level? Sorry for the delayed reply! I’m so happy you loved it! Hey Dawn! Or perhaps butter? . Wow…thank you for answering my question..but now I have one more…lol It’s also not overly heavy on the sugar, but you can add more if you like. . Making the real one next month. Anything-But-Average Birthday Cake: Carrot Dulce de Leche-Filled Layer Cake. I have 4 perfect 1″ layers and it is perfection!! I made the cakes in advance and froze them and defrosted the day before. This one will be stashed in our freezer. Hi Pip! Thank you! I made my flowers out of buttercream. and happened to check the recipe of your carrot cake … Yay! I would think a frozen one would take twice as long, maybe more, but it depends how warm/cool the place is. Hi Jill! Thank you for sharing your recipe i think the spices were a perfect blend, each spice wasn’t overpowering the others. After this, use your icing to create squares in the cake to make equal size pieces. Thank you! This will sit out on the table from 5-10lm when the couple are ready to cut it. learn how to pipe a buttercream Carrot on the cupcake! To help ensure your cake layers bake up nice and flat, see my. My mom recently celebrated her birthday, and carrot cake is her absolute favorite. Decorating A Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting Decorating By Dawnabella Updated 21 Aug 2007 , 10:33pm by melysa ... post #1 of 5 I am new to cake decorating so be gentle! This cake is moist and VERY delicious! This time I had an assignment, to make a carrot cake for my best friend’s birthday. Hey, I want to try this cake but only have one pan. I had one question about this cream cheese frosting..other cream cheese frostings I’ve made in the past have been a little heavy and not ideal for really piping or decorating a cake with too much texture or pattern as it would kind of spread out and didn’t hold up shape or texture too well does this one hold up well and could it be used to pipe the cake decoratively like a buttercream would or is it not the best for trying to get too fancy with the design? In a medium bowl, combine flour, baking powder, baking soda, spices, and salt. <3, Hi Abby! Since then, it’s been one of my favourites. Thanks , Hi Ushine! Dec 17, 2013 - Explore Lucia Gallie's board "Carrot cake birthday " on Pinterest. However, my cake didn’t rise in the middle, and only on the edges. Hi Hakima! The 200+ Best, Hidden & Most Powerful Features & Changes for iPhone, 22 Things You Need to Know About iOS 14's Newly Redesigned Widgets for iPhone, Best New iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets & The Apps You Need, 13 Exciting New Features in Apple Photos for iOS 14, 9 Ways iOS 14 Improves Siri on Your iPhone, 16 New Apple Maps Features for iPhone in iOS 14, 19 Hidden New Features in iOS 14's Accessibility Menu, Every New Feature iOS 14 Brings to the Home App on Your iPhone. My inspiration and the starting point for this lectin free carrot cake was Dr. Gundry’s carrot cake muffins from The Plant Paradox Cookbook, pages 96-97. So happy to hear that. I only stacked 2 high even though I made 3-6″ cakes. Every time I try it, it really doesn’t come out well. I plan to bake the 2 layers of cake (8.5″and 6″) few days in advance, chill in the freezer and do a crumb coat after. I had a hard time incorporating the brown sugar into the oil, it didn’t want to work together at all just kind of swirl in a couple of clumps in my mixer. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. Thanks in advance! Hi Nat! FREE Shipping. Lovely texture too. My daughter requested carrot cake for her 20th birthday and I used this recipe. I don’t think adding CC to SMBC will work. I know the cake will be a hit!! It will be fine! Her mother-in-law doesn’t have the recipe written down so I have yet to secure it. I was looking for ideas of recipes and decoration (I never made a carrot cake before!) Happy to hear everyone loved it . They’d like black buttercream icing. The cream cheese icing is excellent. Adding raising should be no problem, just fold them in at the end. I use a normal oven. I freeze cake layers and cake slices all the time! Grease and flour three 6" cake rounds, line with parchment. She said its the best she’s ever had! Recipe as written yielded 32 delicious cupcakes! It’s for my husband’s birthday tomorrow as carrot cake is his favourite. From Classic Cakes to Holiday favorites and everything in between. Can I bake this on Wednesday evening and make the frosting too and refrigerate them that night? The middle was doughy and dense. Those should both work ok but I wonder if they’ll give you enough coconut flavour. Beat butter and cream cheese until pale and fluffy (2 mins). Will it affect anything at all? Add flour mixture in 3 parts. Use full-fat brick cream cheese (not in a tub) for best results for the frosting. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. Hi Rita! Your email address will not be published. Ho Lorraine! I made the recipe in two 6″ tins and added 20 minutes to the baking time. The pineapple will change the texture of the cake and would require some experimentation to see what works best. Smooth using a spatula. I would recommend using half spelt and half AP at most. Came out perfect. Home » Cakes » Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. I used dark brown sugar. Thanks! Good catch. It’s really a matter of preference. Transfer the orange buttercream … Single layer carrot cake made in 6" round cake pan. Highly recommended! Hi Pria! If I doubled this cream cheese frosting would it be enough to frost both – it’s to be semi naked like the carrot cake. I made the cake in two 8” layers and baked for well over 50 min and the middle was still not fully cooked. Hi Tia! Was just wondering if I can sub anything for the baking soda as it’s finding hard to get hold of !! It should do just fine in the fridge overnight as the frosting on the sides (even though its just the tiniest bit) will help prevent it from drying out , Thanks so much, Liv. Ingredients: Confectionery Sugar Cornstarch Egg … If using three cake pans, bake for 20-24 minutes. I am so happy to hear you’re going to try this one! Thanks. And then freeze the frosted layers. The quantities I made easily fed 14 adults with leftovers for another 8 people. Every oven is different and some run hotter than others. Thank you for such a fantastic recipe! How much would you recommend? I have been tasked with making a 1/2 sheet carrot cake (12″x18″), any suggestions on how many times to multiply the recipe? This cake looks delicious and I can’t wait to make it. Thanks Lora. Hello! Ok we followed the recipe and the frosting was delightful (as was the cake). I’ve never baked in high altitude, but here are some tips: So, sorry friends! Quick question before I dive in, do you need to squeeze the moisture out of the grated carrot before adding to the mixture or just throw them all in? I hope you both love it Happy birthday to her! Might be that it needed a bit more time in the oven. (I used the lid of a round box as a template). This is not a light and fluffy cake, but it shouldn’t be too dense. I typically only have a bit or two from a restaurant where I know the cake is good and wished that I could find an equally good recipe. Bring it to room temp and rewhip before using. The name of your Blog pulled me in as we call our daughter Liv as well, and after reading your cc blog, recipe and comments, I know was meant to be! I always recommend spooning flour into the cup and levelling it off rather than using the cup to scoop it. I’ve bookmarked this site! I made this cake but I added raisins and walnuts, and shredded coconut, and I made a heavy cream cheese frosting, the cake came out extremely moist, soft and fluffy. LOL. The melted butter will give it a different texture, but should be ok. I’m not sure about adding crushed pineapple. Is it ok to bake and frost the cake one night before and refrigerate? Here’s a site I use as a guideline: Hi Liv, Please see my full. Just divide it evenly amongst the pans and you should get the same results I did. It was definitely a hit at the office party today! I’m happy to hear that you and your coworkers loved this recipe as much as I do xo. Let's learn cake decorating! hello. Butter cream is not overly sweet and I could still taste the cream cheese. Sadly, this one is not for me, lol. So thank you so much you saved the day , Hi Nicoletta! Hi Nancy! You could try adding 1 cup of each, but you might have too much batter for your pans then. 4 large carrots (300g shredded). It was very dense and stiff, more like a bread, less like a cake. I used light brown sugar instead of dark and fractionated coconut oil as my oil because that’s what I had on hand. Really want to try this cake! Trim the top of each cake. Not overly sweet. Loved this recipe! Hi Patti! Jane. Add powdered sugar one cup at a time. This is my new go to recipe . Delicious combo! Frosting can be made in advance and refrigerated. Product description. Thanks so much for the feedback, glad you loved it . I don’t know, it was just never a go-to recipe for me… until I had it at my sister-in-law’s wedding a few years ago. Hi Jane! I usually use SMB but not sure how good that would be with cream cheese? I’m not exaggerating when I say you are my go-to resource for cake (and macarons! That would work fine. For this carrot cake, you need to properly grate your carrots. Place one layer of cake on a cake stand or serving plate. 5 out of 5 stars (23) 23 reviews $ 4.95 ... because here they come. I only need 12 so may have to half the recipe. Hi Laura! I’ve made the recipe upto serving 18. For three 8″ tins you should 1.5x the recipe which would be changing the servings to 18 like you say. So happy to hear you loved it . ), Hi Juanida! Thanks for a fabulous recipe! Anything you could suggest I try differently next time? Thanks so much! I’m glad it wasn’t just me finding it tricky. From shop Toppersnsprinkles. Pink Bunny Happy Birthday Cake Topper with Cute Bunny and Carrot Spring Rabbit Bunny Ear Easter Girl Birthday Party Decoration Supplies. Her specialty was a homemade carrot cake that was requested for every special occasion. Also, does the recipe double (or triple and quadruple) well or should it be made in separate batches? Hi Alejandra! Plus there were still some small lumps of butter (I was worried about over beating but I did beat the times you suggested). Hello! Can I make whole mixture and cook one after the other? There is no buttermilk. Hi Jayne! Store the cake in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. The cake just came out of the oven, the layers seem perfect! It was a hit with everyone. Repeat with remaining layers. You’ll need to adjust the baking time for the cupcakes. Premium A-to-Z Microsoft Excel Training Bundle, What's New in iOS 14? I just went with it in the end and it’s worked out great. I stumbled upon your blog and was inspired to start baking but cannot afford a stand mixer right now and bought an electric hand mixer instead. I chose to keep the decorating simple and do a naked cake. I was thinking about replacing the granulated sugar with coconut sugar and instead of a neutral vegetable oil I would use coconut oil.

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