It also makes a great plant for hanging baskets as the long tendrils make a great show. Questions? It can trail six feet or more in a season! Dichondra ground cover plants require water on a deep and infrequent basis and needs to slightly dry out between watering. Dichondra `Silver Falls` is a trailing plant with silver oval-shaped leaves. Actual product may vary due to pot size, availability and season. Unlike the native Dichondra, Silver Falls will grow in full sun and is very drought tolerant. Dichondra Silver Falls 14cm Botanical Name: Dichondra argentea Silver Falls: Common Names: Silver Nickel Vine, Silver Ponysfoot: Foliage Type: … Kidney-shaped green leaves. It works beautifully as a ground cover or in a hanging basket. Dichondra Repens is a perennial ground cover plant which has a prostrate or creeping growth habit with circular leaves and entire margins, it grows very close to the ground, (usually not over 2 in. Rounded fan shaped silver foliage .5-1 in/2-3 cm wide and .5-3/4 in /1-2 cm long and silver colored stems. Grows well in Auburn, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rocklin, Roseville and Sacramento. Dense, mat-forming habit. Dichondra/Argentia. Buy the plants here: Toggle Navigation. Combines well in any mixed container garden in full sun to part shade. Excellent in hanging baskets. Produces petite, white to green flowers in late spring. Dichondra Silver Falls produces a stunning display in hanging baskets and containers. You will receive a pack of 5 Premium Quality Professionally Produced Plug Plants. It brings an extremely fine and delicate texture to the garden composition and should be used to full effect.This is a relatively low maintenance plant, and can be pruned at anytime. Silver Falls Dichondra is an herbaceous annual with a trailing habit of growth, eventually spilling over the edges of hanging baskets and containers. Call 1-800-322-7288 ... Buy 100 or more for $0.07 each Buy 500 or more for $0.07 each Buy 3000 or more for $0.07 each Buy 5000 or more for $0.07 each Buy 10000 or more for $0.07 each Dichondra's small, fan-shaped, silvery foliage cascades softly, creating a waterfall effect, which is stunning when paired with the bolder colors and foliage of other plants. OVERVIEW. Home >> Annual Seed >> Annuals D-K >> Dichondra >> Falls Silver Dichondra Falls Silver Dichondra #08737. Superb effect in a basket on its own or as a foil to other colours in mixed plantings. Price: 7.95 Shipping Spring 2021 - view dates here. Dichondra Silver Falls 14cm ; Images are for reference purposes only. 1-Flat Insignificant Dichondra (L16685) Item #106603 Model #NURSERY. Heat and drought tolerant. Dense, mat-forming habit. This award winning, drought tolerant variety creates a silvery waterfall cascade. Care Notes Get Pricing and Availability. Dichondra Silver Falls has cascading, silvery-blue foliage that adds an artful touch to mixed containers or hanging baskets. Add texture and interest to any flower bed or container combination by using 1.00 PT accent plants to compliment the annuals, perennials and shrubs in your landscape. It makes a great hardy ground cover plant ideal trailing over walls and rockeries. It’s the type of plant that will create a soft feel, they also complement bold and colourful plants. Use Current Location. Specifications. About the Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ Delicate, fuzzy, silver heart-shaped foliage vine that is heat loving and drought tolerant, excellent "spiller" in containers and hanging baskets. Dichondra are highly attractive plants that are used as trailing foliage in container plantings and in borders. Annual trailing/ground cover Approx.6,070 seeds per oz/28 gr . Vigorous growth with a true cascading habit which can also be used as a spreading ground cover. Kidney-shaped green leaves. Dichondra Silver Falls have lovely, small rounded leaves, resembling miniature water lily. ... Silver Falls Dichondra Plant. The Dichondra Silver Falls is a delicate cascading accent plant. Heat and drought tolerant.

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