How much fondant we need for 14″,12″,10″ &8″ round cake. When would be the best time to bake the cakes, add brandy, marzipan and then royal icing? I am worried about the treacle in the recipe—I usually use the very dark muscovado sugar and I feel that treacle as well would be too intense a dark flavour. Thanks. Do not panic, the situation can be sorted. Hi There, was wondering when i should last feed a friut cake brandy before covering with it one week..not really sure?? See the recent comment from Sally on the 14″ fruit cake recipes who has just had this very problem. Thanks very much for your advice much appreciated. My recipes assumed that the depth of the cake tin is 2? Pour the whole lot into a sieve the next day to drain before using the fruit. Debbie, What size eggs do you use in your rich fruit cakes-am wanting to make a start today? Storing it upside-down also levels out the cake a little. However, if it is cooked in the middle, then just feed the whole thing and enjoy it yourself in a few weeks time. However, you could soak the fruit overnight and then just feed once or twice. The alcohol preserves the cake as well as moistening it. I made the cake my daughters mother in law decorated it. However if you are baking the cake two to three months in advance you do not need to soak it at all. Top wedding cake recipes. This way, when you cut the cake you can give smaller portions as cutting thin slices of a 5″ Will the quantities given to produce a cake of 4 inch height? I ‘feed’ the cake with a brandy/sherry mix once it is cooked and cold and then once again halfway between the baking and decorating of the cake. @ Susan. Can you tell me when you add the brandy please, is it soaked into the fruit beforehand or added into the finished batter mix? 6″ = 10 @Zhoeeclark. Thank you in advance 🙂 x. I made this rich fruit cake size 12″. None of those pallid white efforts as seen in the Ecstatic States. As soon as the cake is completely cold feed it. Check regularly to ensure the cake is not burning and if it looks a little too brown, cover with greaseproof paper. Cake panels, $400 for 100 panels, Christopher Norman Chocolates New York, 212-402-1243. If it looks right (smooth top and spongy to the touch on the bottom) then I am sure it will be lovely. Firstly, ideally I need a 16″ square cake so I’ve enough for my guests, what would you suggest as per increasing the ingredients? and can I use tetley tea??? Combine the dried fruit and candied peel in a large bowl. For example when making an 8″ cake I use the recipe for a 10″ and take as much as I need for the small tin and put the rest in the large tin. The cake will then have a further two to three weeks before you start to decorate it and will be lovely and mature. Hope this helps and your cake is successful. I followed the cooking times stated for a gas oven 11/2 hours gas mark 3 then turn down to gas mark 1, this is for the larger cakes. I would be grateful if you could advise me on which shelf I need to put the cake mixture. I also do not have airtight containers, so will only have a cool room (or fridge if this is ok) to store them until I travel. @sharon Set oven to 160 deg C,325 deg F, Gas Mark 3. I am baking, as I type! Have a lovely time making your daughter’s cake. Tips please! @Cathy. Also how many inch high cake is your receipe after baking before covering with rolled fondant. Please advise, thank you xx. I will be baking the 12inch today. I am making a wedding cake for my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary – Although I have decorated wedding cakes previously I have never actually made the fruit cake before. @Caroline If you do not like flaked almonds, then you can leave them out but you need to add something in its place to make up the total amount of dry fruit/nuts. Once I have turned them down, I leave well alone for an hour and then start checking the smaller ones, while the larger ones will need another one or two hours depending on size. @Vikki So glad your cake has turned out well. Please see items 9 and 10 on the following link. I will try to answer each of your questions. Transfer to the prepared tin, smooth the top and bake. Almonds. Kind Regards. I have an electric fan oven and find it very very fast, so I usually bake rich christmas cakes by starting at 150 and lowering to 100 ( this is celsius ). When cooking the cake in your oven, I would leave it uncovered for the first hour until it has risen and has a nice golden colour. If so, I would marzipan the cakes before your holiday and even cover them with icing. Donna. @Mercy I am afraid that the recipes given for the various sized cakes are for rich fruit cakes and reducing the fruit will result in a failure. I have a couple of large plastic boxes I keep for wedding cakes. I would suggest that as you have already soaked your fruit, you just pop it into a sieve the night before you make the cake and allow the excess liquid to drain off. the wedding is july 20th? I’m going to be baking the bottom layer of my wedding cake next week. Have found it difficult to get 12″ receipies and your one looks very nice – could I modify my own favourite 8″ receipe to suit a 12″ square tin? Itackling my daughter’s wedding cake and doing a “practice” this weekend. I am making a fruit cake for a wedding for friends of mine and will be using your 10″ receipe. However, you would need to adjust your cooking times, to ensure the centre of the cake is cooked without the outside being overdone. Airtight container? Hi Sheila thanks for the prompt response, and again your advice is fantastic! I have often have orders for christmas cakes glazed with fruit and nuts as the traditional sweet icing seems to be less popular these days. For example if an 8″ cake has 100g of flour, a 12″ will require 375g. I’ve just made your fruit cake for a wedding 10in but. We found that the Fruit/Port/Rum soaked mixture was about 2-3 times more than gets used in the (2) 8″ Cake recipe, so you can easily follow the amounts called for in the macerated fruit, and have enough for making double the cake recipe (4 cakes). Also would I need a 16″ or 18″ cake board because I need to buy the board and a container or tin big enough to house the cake while it matures 😀 Then remove the paper and let the cake become completely cold, overnight is good (I use a cake cover made of net while it cools). @Paula. in a cake tin for a few days. 1. I note you have the Lakeland Cake tester, I would recommend this to all cooks, experienced or not as it is a wonderfully simple but effective piece of equipment. You can now marzipan them as soon as you like as once covered the cakes will be ‘sealed’ in the marzipan. The cake will be golden brown and firm in the centre to the touch. I have to make a 2 tier rich fruit wedding cake and I need to know the required cooking temperatures and times (I have a fan oven), the sizes of the cakes are deeper than most – one cake is 6″x6″square and 5″deep the second cake is 8″x8″ square and also 5″deep. Do not worry about the top cracking, just feed it and wrap it in greaseproof paper and store upside down. Just wanted to say thank you as the chart for larger cakes was brilliant and the result was totally fab. Wedding cake 139 reviews . @Ian. Many thanks Liz. Adding another layer of newspaper round the tin will also help. However, when I am cooking with my granddaughter, I give her a ‘cake tester’ to use. I have just made a 12inch rich fruitcake which I cooked in a fan oven at 120 for 7 hours, ACCIDENTLY!) We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Do I brush the cake with brandy after baking if I soak the fruits. /recipes/fruit-wedding-cake/, Copyright © 2020 Odlums. The recipes given produce a cake approximately 2.5 – 3 inches high. Yes, a wedding cake is a fruit cake more or less throughout the British Commonwealth. When calculating ingredients for square and round tins, remember that the quantities for an 8″ round tin will only be enough for a 7″ square tin. Hi Sheila,i am making a 6 9 12 inch round wedding cake for my own wedding,i know you have been asked similar questions to this but i have done a few trials with this recipe which is brilliant i have to cakes were 2inches or just over,could i use a 7inch mix in a 6inch tin 10 in 9 ect to get a little more hieght? Adding the extra flavours gives a more mellow flavour. Please help, going to buy ingredients tomorrow!! I am making a wedding cake for my niece at 12″ 9″ and 6″ but she wants the cake to be deep – approx 5inches. @Sarah. However if you wish to use your own, I would suggest that you compare your 8” recipe to mine. You say you have big holes, but they cannot be that big if it is just burnt fruit you have removed. Adjusting recipes to fit other tins is never straightforward, but in this case, I would calculate the area of your tin (12″ x 10″ = 120 I am sorry but I cannot guarantee that the cake will be 3″ high as it depends on many things. Hi I just baked the round 20cm rich fruit cake.I followed all the instructions the cake came out well but am s bit disappointed because it didn’t raise much.Ithought it would raise at least to half of the pan. They will not be stacked, but will sit side by side, and will all be 12 inch square cakes. Eggs – Medium is a good size, but large also work well. As long as it is not burnt black’ ‘Feed’ it and wrap it up and it will be lovely by Easter. However, if alcohol is to be omitted and you just want to make the cake a little less dry, just use the sugar solution. This is a difficult one to calculate. the top (with a greaseproof ring to protect the icing) and ice over both. My son has asked me to do the bottom tier for his wedding next year. When baked, leave in tin to cool. @Caroline The baked cake can vary from 2 – 3 inches in height dependent on a variety of things. 2. I then wrap the outside of the cake with baking parchment which is folded to give a triple thickness and tied with thin coloured ribbon. As for the cake burning, you will have a better result with three sheets of newspaper folded into three, but checking is the only sure way to prevent burning. Your email address will not be published. Firstly as the wedding is in September, I would not soak the fruit as you have enough time for it to mature gently, with a ‘feed’ once it is cooked and cold and another one at the end of July. @Jess. Thanks so much, Always drain off any excess liquid before using the fruit. As I too am about to make a large–12 inch square —fruit cake for my son’s wedding, I am grateful to you Sheila for putting up this very good recipe and very helpful tips and explanations.Thanks. Make sure you put the skewar down the side of the tin between tin and cake to warm it first as plunging a cold skewar into the middle of the cake can cause it to sink.

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