The plant is self-fertile. Languages. Botanical Name and Family of Sweet Woodruff. Sweet woodruff (Galium odoratum) is a creeping, mat-forming perennial that is commonly used as a ground cover in shady areas.It bears pretty clusters of white, star-shaped flowers in the spring and has very fragrant, lance-shaped, dark green leaves. The dried leaves are a tea substitute and the flowers are eaten or used as a garnish. Be the first to review this product. Galium aparine. It is in flower in July. Calculus. Added in 24 Hours. Sweet woodruff herb was originally grown for the fresh smell the leaves give off and was used as a type of air freshener. SKU. The parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine, though medicinal use has tapered off in many countries around the world.. People take sweet woodruff for preventing and treating lung, stomach, liver, gallbladder, and urinary disorders. Bladder, irritability of. Be sure you're getting the Galium odoratum and that it's from a reliable source. The aromatic leaves are narrow and lance shaped, 6-8 leaves grow around each stem in a … It is widely cultivated for its flowers and its sweet-smelling foliage. Sweet woodruff is reported to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activities although the literature reveals no clinical data regarding … Goose-grass. Positive: On Apr 13, 2009, Iowafaerie from Otho, IA wrote: I love this plant. Galium odoratum is a perennial plant that can grow up to 0.15 metres tall. Description: Galium odoratum, sweetscented bedstraw, is a flowering perennial plant, native to much of Europe from Spain and Ireland to Russia, as well as Western Siberia, Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus, China and Japan. Psoriasis. It is found in a hodge-podge of places in North America, part of the eastern US and Great Lakes area, part of the northwest, and Colorado. Galium odoratum, the sweetscented bedstraw, is a flowering perennial plant in the family Rubiaceae, native to much of Europe from Spain and Ireland to Russia, as well as Western Siberia, Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus, China and Japan. Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum) Plants: Common Name Index A MODERN HERBAL Home Page. Publication Author Clapham, Tutin and Warburg. Sweet woodruff is exceptionally easy to grow and readily adapts to a wide range for soil and moisture conditions. Just better. Sweet Woodruff Growing and Maintenance Tips. Suitable pH: acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils. It's delicate and pretty. Galium odoratum is used for flavoring fruit cups and German Maywine. Plants form a spreading clump of small green leaves, whorled like spokes of a bicycle around the stem. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Flies, beetles. Galium odoratum is a perennial member of the Galium genus in the family Rubiaceae. It can grow in semi-shade (light woodland). Gravel. An often forgotten herb, sweet woodruff (Galium odoratum) can be a valuable addition to the garden, particularly shade gardens. Aside from being used as a type of air freshener, sweet woodruff also has some medicinal uses that range from improving lung disorders to alleviating cardiovascular issues. When cut and dried, the plant’s leaves and stems smell pleasantly of vanilla and freshly mown grass. Poultices. Family: Rubiaceae Genus: Galium Clusters of small star shaped white flowers. They also use it for heart problems, “blood purification,” “weak veins,” and other circulation problems. Old fashioned favorite that spreads quickly with rich soil and ample moisture. Woodruff, Sweet. Extract. Galium odoratum Sweet Woodruff Plants for Sale Online. Publisher Cambridge University Press Year Galium odoratum, Sweet Woodruff. Lovely ground cover under my hostas, bleeding hearts & oriental lilies on the North side of the house. Scientific Name(s): Galium odoratum (L.) Scop. Clinical. Galium odoratum (Sweet Woodruff) is a mat-forming perennial that creates a very attractive ground cover in moist, shady areas. Galium odoratum is a perennial plant in the family Rubiaceae. Beds and borders, Cottage/Informal, Ground Cover, Rock, Underplanting. G. odoratum is tradition-ally used to treat digestive and bladder disorders, hepatitis, and nervousness [6]. Galium has had no proving, but it is a popular remedy for cancer given internally and used externally, and also for […] Sweet Woodruff (galium odoratum) Once used as a scenting herb in homes and churches and as a stuffing for mattresses, sweet woodruff is a perennial groundcover native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Title Flora of the British Isles. Woodruff or Galium odoratum is found in woodlands and shady hedges. Last updated on Dec 12, 2019. Asperula odorata) . Common Name(s): Master of the wood, Sweet woodruff, Waldmeister, Woodruff, Woodward Medically reviewed by Sweet woodruff, with its whorls of emerald green leaves and white starry flowers, is a welcome sight in late spring, and the foliage is attractive all season long. Galium odoratum. Galium Odoratum from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: (syn. N. O. Galiacae (considered by some a sub-order of Rubiacae). Sweet woodruff is an herb. Galium spurium is a ANNUAL growing to 0.8 m (2ft 7in). Cancer. Bear in mind "A Modern Herbal" was written with the conventional wisdom of the early 1900's. Clinical Overview Use. Sweet refers to name refers to the refreshing hay-like scent of its leaves and flowers.

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