Advantages of Galvalume coating UltraVicis a traditional Board and Batten stylethat is easy to install. Galvalume™ is the alloy coating that Dofasco place onto our steel. SteelTek Supreme Steel. The Proven Solution in Steel for Your Unpainted Roofing and Siding Needs Serving the U.S., Canada and beyond. In a series of exposure tests performed over a 13-year period by Bethlehem Steel, Galvalume Plus coated steel was found to outlast galvanized by: Galvalume Plus™ steel resists intermediate and high temperatures far more effectively than galvanized steel. CUTTING OF STEEL AND ALUMINUM ROOFING AND SIDING HANDLING AND INSTALLING GALVALUME AND GALVANIZED STEEL Galvanized and prepainted steel sheets must be stored in a dry place. Due to our commitment to top-quality engineering using the best materials, we offer guarantees on all of our products. Product Information GALVALUME is a 55% Al-Zn coated sheet steel product that is ideally suited for most types of roofing and siding applications as well as unexposed automotive parts, appliances and miscellaneous applications like furniture, outdoor cabinetry, computer cases, gutters, pipe, etc. Browse 211 Galvalume Siding on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning galvalume siding or are building designer galvalume siding from scratch, Houzz has 211 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Seattle Interiors and Beley Design, pllc. This coating acts as an excellent protection against corrosion. Produced for Pioneer Steel by the steel mill (ArcelorMittal Dofasco), Galvalume Plus offers excellent cost-effectiveness, which we pass on to our customers. Author ModFruGal Posted on June 22, 2009 August 8, 2009 Categories Building Materials, Exterior Siding, Our Projects Tags burnished slate galvalume, galvalume siding, galvalume siding modern, residential galvalume siding, residential metal siding ModFruGal v. Tree Rats 3 – Siding Update ft. It has barrier corrosion resistance and heat resistance similar to aluminized and good bare edge galvanic protection and forming qualities like galvanized. 5' PELLET STOVE FLEXIBLE ROD (1/4"-20 THREAD) 3" PELLET STOVE ROUND BRUSH (1/4"-20 THREAD) ... Chimney of Canada is a family-owned enterprise dedicated to the marketing of residential venting products sold in Canada. Today, BIEC is the acknowledged leader in technologies associated with 55% Al-Zn coated sheet steel. Applications for Galvalume Steel Products 12 ft. SM-Rib Galvalume Steel 29-Gauge Roof/Siding Panel in White Gibraltar's painted SM-Rib panels are a popular Gibraltar's painted SM-Rib panels are a popular choice for a wide variety of residential and commercial projects. This heat reflectivity makes a building cooler inside on hot, sunny days. Galvalume Plus™ is an aluminum-zinc coated steel that provides extra corrosion protection. This profile has a 36 inch coverage area per sheet resulting in quick installation. So, Galvalume Plus will resist rust, the elements and fire while providing a sturdy and protective covering. BIEC International Inc. is the worldwide licensor of the technology and know-how associated with 55% Aluminum-Zinc alloy coated sheet steel (better known as GALVALUME). Galvalume® (AZ) steel is a coated product contains approximately 55 percent aluminum, 43 percent zinc, and 2 percent silicon. A measure of the success of this program is the fact that virtually all of the major steel companies worldwide have become licensees of BIEC. ft Galvalume: $2.49 Lin. It used to be a trademarked name which later acquired a common use. Specifically, Galvalume Plus™ steel shows no discoloration up to 315°C (600°F) during continuous or intermittent exposure over a prolonged period. The mixture of zinc and aluminum protects the Galvalume metal against corrosion and rust, helping Galvalume typically last much longer than Galvanized steel. Limited 40 Year Warranty Pre-painted Galvanized & Galvalume Steel Roofing & Siding Panels. Extra strengthening in the side laps and intermediate ribs give UltraVic improved weather protection, incomparable snow load capacity and increased rigidity. Manufacturer’s hot dipped aluminum-zinc alloy coated GALVALUME sheet steel sold for use as unpainted steel building roofing and siding panels, if erected within the continental United States, Alaska or Canada, unless Manufacturer agrees otherwise in writing, WILL • Prepainted TMGalvalumesteel sheet is an organic coated steel that is coil coated as specified, from a wide assortment of proven paint systems and attractive, long lasting baked-on colors. More than 40 years after its development, GALVALUME roofing and siding panels are used everywhere. Check out our FAQ section. Taylor Steel Inc. 477 Arvin Avenue Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 3N1 (905) 662-4925 Toll Free 1-800-263-6800 Fax (905) 662-4928 This alloy is formed of a 55% mix of aluminum and 45% zinc. Galvalume Plus offers the best qualities of aluminum-coated (aluminized) and zinc-coated (galvanized) steels. Manufacturer’s hot dipped aluminum-zinc alloy coated GALVALUME®sheet steel sold for use as unpainted steel building roofing and siding panels, if erected within the continental United States, Alaska or Canada, unless Manufacturer agrees otherwise in writing, WILL NOT rupture, fail structurally, or perforate within a period of 20 years from date of shipment due to exposure to normal atmospheric … The addition of any lubricant to Galvalume Plus will result in a slippery surface. Galvalume Plus™ maintains its rust-resistance up to 675°C (1250°F). Partnering with AkzoNobel allows us to provide the highest quality paint finishes, including 24 that are ENERGY-STAR rated. The simple reason behind this is their durability. At least twice the corrosion resistance of traditional galvanized coatings of similar thickness under the same exposure conditions, Exceptional heat reflectivity, resulting in lower energy load on buildings and improved interior comfort, A distinctive appearance, with a smooth, fine spangle and silvery metallic finish, Four times in exposure tests in a severe marine environment, Twice as long in a less severe marine location, Six times longer in industrial environments. Lapham-Hickey supplies high-quality, long-lasting Galvalume steel coil and sheet for all your exact needs. where its unique blend of corrosion resistance and high heat reflectivity is beneficial for use in other non-construction applications as … This finish is ideal for corrugated roofing and siding. Westman Steel Industries warrants that, within Canada and the United States, under normal atmospheric conditions (which excludes any other corrosive or aggressive atmospheres such as those contaminated with chemical fumes or salt spray) the paint film of the Pre-painted Galvanized & Galvalume Steel Roofing and Siding Panels shall not within a period of forty (40) years after the date of delivery, crack, blister or … A measure of the success of this program is the fact that virtually all of the major steel companies worldwide have become licensees of BIEC. The cost of Galvalume Plus is about the same as that of galvanized steel. Tradition 100 Vintage is a registered trademark of Steelscape, LLC. Neither this discoloration nor roughening, however, reduces Galvalume Plus's resistance to rust. Call for a quote (732) 276-4092. ... British Columbia, and northern California with daily routes throughout the regions with high quality metal roofing, siding, and interior panels. We have live customer support available to assist you with the ordering process, or to answer questions. © 2012 - 2020 Western States Metal Roofing, All rights reserved. The surface should be dry and free of oil, grease, dirt, dust and other contaminants. Galvalume Plus offers these advantages over galvanized at no extra cost on a per square foot basis: Currently, uses for Galvalume Plus include car mufflers, standing seam roofing, tubing for fences, greenhouses, steel buildings and much more. What is Galvalume Roofing Material? Galvalume metal roof and siding panels are coated with a mixture of zinc and aluminum and siliconized coating to help resist scuffs and fingerprints better than a bare metal product. Major applications are for metal building components, including roofs, side sheets, and structural members. *BIEC International Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of BlueScope Steel Ltd. An estimated 80 billion square feet* of GALVALUME sheet steel now covers buildings in all kinds of climates and environments throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as Europe, Asia, India and Australia. Welcome to GALVALUME ® BIEC International Inc. is the worldwide licensor of the technology and know-how associated with 55% Aluminum-Zinc alloy coated sheet steel (better known as GALVALUME). CANADA . This brand of steel carries a factory warranty of 40 years. WESTMAN STEEL and the WESTMAN GROUP of companies have been servicing Canada’s Agricultural Industry for over 50 years. No weathering period is necessary. The roll-formed product is made from 24-gauge or 22-gauge Galvalume steel … From roof and wall cladding, to flashing and fasteners, WESTMAN STEEL offers a full array of agricultural related products essential for the industry. While roofing and siding is the largest single application for GALVALUME, it is also used for several diverse applications (automotive, appliance, etc.) Order these Tuff Rib Galvalume Metal Roofing Panels today and have it delivered in 2-3 days! This durable and lightweight panel is ideal for roofing or siding any structure, from a simple shed to a complex residential development. View Location Information. Additionally, Galvalume Plus™ has excellent heat reflectivity, up to operating temperatures of about 315°C (600°F). Galvalume Siding Trim Kit with Fresh Air Intake . A paint supplier should be consulted to select the most appropriate painting system and to ensure compatibility of primer and topcoat. Galvalume Plus offers the best qualities of aluminum-coated (aluminized) and zinc-coated (galvanized) steels. This unique alloy is then chemically bonded to the steel, resulting in a highly corrosive resistant product, whether it be a Steel Garage Kits , … Galvalume is also known among specialists as an Aluzinc. Bellara Hidden Fastener Cladding - Wall. CORRUGATED STEEL PANELS Corrugated steel panels have been a favourite building material in Canada for years. One roofing material that stands above the rest for high quality, longevity and durability is galvalume. Vicwest steel roofing and siding is seen on some of North America’s most innovative commercial properties. Two of the world's best performing materials come together in SteelTek Supreme steel siding. Do not oil Galvalume Plus. Have other questions about Galvalume Plus? Galvalume Plus readily accepts most of the paints recommended for galvanized steel. Galvalume Plus ™ is an aluminum-zinc coated steel that provides extra corrosion protection. For more information about our warranties, contact us using the online form or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-668-5422. AD 150 / 200 / 275 / 300 Hidden Fastener Cladding - Wall. Featuring warranties of up to 40 years, each of these products offers a full line of trim, hardware and accessories. Pioneer Steel takes pride in providing the best steel building solution on the market. Limited 40 Year Warranty . Specific paints and recommendations should be discussed with paint suppliers. The following suggestions of paint types should be used only as a guideline. Read More Resist rust, fire and elemental onslaughts with galvalume steel sheet and coil from Alliance Steel. The cost of Galvalume Plus is about the same as that of galvanized steel. Galvalume® This 55% Al-Zn coated steel product is manufactured and sold under the Galvalume® trademark by Bethlehem Steel Corp., Dofasco Inc., National Steel Corp., U.S. Steel Group of USX Corp., and Wheeling-Nisshin, Inc. ArcelorMittal produces Galvalume coated steel sheet in the U.S. and Canada and is the exclusive producer in Canada. The coating weight of the product is preceded by "AZ", which is the Our galvalume steel is expertly-designed, precision-crafted and rigidly-tested as well as prevents corrosion and tolerates high temperatures while maintaining a distinctively attractive appearance. This product is manufactured in … This superior roofing material, also used as siding, is actually sheets of steel, coated with a composition of 45% zinc and 55% aluminum. Canada 1-800-363-2726 or * Galvalume Plus is designed to be roll-formed dry. Corrosion and Rust Resistant – Our metal roofing and siding panels and sheet steel products are coated ... BUY WESTERN WAVE® RIGID WALL PANEL IN A GALVALUME® AZ50 PAINT FINISHGalvalume AZ50® has a paint warranty and looks excellent from BOTH up close and from a distance.It can be used in exterior or interior applications. This high-performance 29 gauge Galvalume AZ-50 steel panel with Kynar PVDF coating technology delivers on every promise for enduring beauty, impressive strength, uniform quality and a markedly refined appearance for your home. Color: $2.99 Lin. See All Commercial. Call, Email, or Chat with us during office hours. Above this temperature, some discoloration does occur and roughening of the surface is possible. Accessories. Supplying metal roofing for 10+ years with a full manufacturing facility, located in beautiful Kamloops, BC - orders manufactured & shipped in under a week! Marquis Hidden Fastener Cladding - Roof. Galvalume Plus™, by virtue of its combined protection of aluminum and zinc, has at least twice the service life, in most atmospheric environments, of conventional galvanized steel with the same coating thickness. Galvalume steel is carbon steel coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy using a continuous hot-dip process, combining the corrosion protection and high-temperature resistance of aluminum with the formability and galvanic protection of zinc.. GALVALUME is an internationally recognized trademark of BIEC International Inc., and some of its licensed producers. Family owned company, manufacturing metal roofing panels, trim & accessories. What stands behind the name is a comparatively new material (it was introduced to the market in 1972). Pioneer high performance steel buildings are manufactured of tough, 14 to 22-gauge AZ180 Galvalume PlusTM steel. side job AEP Span manufactures a variety of architectural metal roofing and wall systems, but Miller/Hull used its standing-seam metal as siding on this house. Midwest. Always allow air circulation between the sheets in order to avoid … A Galvalume finish protects corrugated metal panels against corrosion. The natural shape of corrugated metal siding gives it a structural advantage over any other panel made of the same material.

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