On October 8, 1881, a monstrous typhoon traveled through the Gulf of Tonkin and devastated Haiphong, Vietnam and the surrounding coastal area. On November 25, 1987, Typhoon Nina hit the Mayon Volcano region as a category 5 super typhoon. We recount other recent tropical cyclones killing at least 1,000. The terrific Tongking typhoon (Dechevrens, 1882) of early October 1881 spread destruction and calamity along the coast of what is now northern Vietnam.The young port town of Haiphong, located roughly 16 kilometres inland from the Gulf of Tonkin on a branch of the Red River, was entirely swept away, whilst terrible floods devastated the surrounding low‐lying delta. At the eve of the French conquest in 1881, a devastating typhoon ravaged the area, killing around 300,000 people in and around Haiphong alone. Sadly, Super Typhoon Haiyan has claimed more than 1,000 lives. Around 20,000 people died in the Philippines alone. With gusts exceeding 305 kilometers (190 miles) per hour at first landfall, Haiyan was the strongest ever to hit land at the time. Typhoon Haiphong developed over the Pacific Ocean in late September 1881, and though its exact category and strength are unknown, the impact it had on the Philippines and Vietnam was devastating. MANILA - When Super Typhoon Haiyan struck in 2013 it was the disaster-prone Philippines' worst storm on record, with 7,350 people dead or missing. - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.com A pressure of 909.5 mb was measured at Legaspi, the lowest pressure ever recorded in the Philippines. The 1881 Haiphong typhoon was a typhoon that struck Haiphong, in French Indochinese Tonkin (now Vietnam), and the northern part of the Captaincy General of the Philippines (now the Philippines) on October 8, 1881.The typhoon was first detected east of Southern Luzon on September 27, 1881. Dangerous Typhoon Maysak bearing down on South Korea with 100-plus-mph winds. It happened in October 8, 1881, killing over 20,000 people in the northern part of the country. Haiphong -1881; Even in the modern days, Typhoon Haiphong still ranks as the deadliest typhoon that hit the Philippines. Typhoon landfall is very frequent around Hanoi and Da Nang, while Ho Chi Minh rarely experiences direct strikes. 10 Largest Hurricanes Ever Recorded Hurricanes cause great devastation whenever they strike, so then, we tend to think of the largest hurricanes as the one that causes the most damage. Typhoons classified as the strongest group, which generate wind speeds above 65 knots (33.4 m/s), are widely distributed along the coastal stretch from Hai Phong to Nha Trang. Several factors caused the staggering death toll: STRONGEST STORM. The typhoon disaster. Today, the disaster still ranks today among the greatest losses of life from any tropical cyclone worldwide. It has three times the death toll of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) where it also ravaged Vietnam leaving more than 300,000 people dead. Typhoon ‘Yolanda,’ one of the strongest typhoons on record struck the Philippines, forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes and knocking out power and communications in several provinces. The deadliest overall tropical cyclone to affect the Philippines is believed to have been the Haiphong typhoon which is estimated to have killed up to 20,000 people as it passed over the country in September 1881. Some 300,000 people lost their lives as the typhoon’s storm surge flooded the low-lying city. According to him, the previous most southerly typhoon was Titang (international name Kate), which struck Mindanao as a Category 4 storm in 1970. Titang killed at least 631 people.

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