Often it just means they can tolerate some light frosts before dying. Hardy mum flowers, also known as garden mums or hardy chrysanthemums, are genetically capable of surviving the winter, as opposed to non-hardy mums. Initial Fall Care. This is because garden mums have an advanced root system, while florist mums do … Even when they are sold as ‘hardy’, it may not mean winter hardy. Just take a shovel, dig up a clump, and share with a friend. The "corrected" genus for these common garden plants is: Dendranthema - hardy garden mums Leucanthemum - oxeye daisies, shasta daisies Tanacetum - feverfew, painted daisies, tansy Chrysanthemum is still commonly used for marginally hardy florist mums to differentiate from the true hardy Dendranthema. The garden mum, also called the “hardy mum,” is a perennial just like the florist mum, but its cultivars do produce stolons, those important underground stems. The more common garden mums are classified as chrysanthemum asteraceae, and are semi-hardy in our area. Both types come from the same original parent, a golden-yellow daisy-like mum from China. Choose the Best Location. Chrysanthemums that are purchased in the fall need special protection for their first winter. Plant container mums at the same depth they were previously growing, and rooted cuttings so the roots are just covered with soil. Mums generally come in two types: Florist mums (also known as cutting mums) and hardy mums (also known as garden mums). In general, mums can be hardy in zones 4 to 9, but the colder your hardiness zone, the less likely they are to survive winter conditions. Hardy, or garden mums on the other hand, have a deeper root system. Trend-setting breeding endeavors, coupled with the program's germplasm base and genetic resources, continue to bring a wide range of colors and shapes of proven hardy mums to northern gardens. In zones 5 and up, with a bit of special attention, hardy mums can be planted as perennials. Today's hybrids in both categories are the results of endless crosses between several species from China and Japan. The University's mum breeding program is one of the oldest public sector breeding programs in the world and the only one in North America. One garden pleasure is sharing plants with other gardeners. Your best bet is to ask for them at a garden center or nursery. Want hardy garden mums for your perennial garden? The main difference between garden mums and florist mums is that garden mums are hardy and can survive frost and winter months, while florist mums are less hardy and only survive in warmer climates. Garden mum, garden chrysanthemum, hardy chrysanthemum, hardy mum, mum: Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial: Mature Size: 4 to 36 inches tall and 12 to 36 inches wide (size varies depending on the variety) Sun Exposure: Full sun: Soil Type: Rich, humusy, moist, well-draining: Soil pH: 6.5 to 6.7: Bloom Time: Late summer and fall: Flower Color Old-fashioned garden mums are easily divided in the early spring. Plant the mums toward the back of perennial bed but allow space for them to spill over and intermingle with shorter companion plants. If you were to plant these mums directly in your garden …

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