Mediterranean Sailing Weather It's easiest to think of the Mediterranean as having only two sorts of weather - settled, and unsettled. And then locate the four areas where predictable strong winds often occur. Think about all the old tales of shipwrecks and storms at sea; think of The Odyssey! In the winter, it is recommended to monitor the weather forecast due to the variable conditions and the frequent storms. Winter prices are much lower than the summer and the marina is in the middle of the town. ... windier conditions along the northwestern Mediterranean. Italy – Sicily – Palermo. Locals tend to have an even shorter season. Sailing the Mediterranean is one of the best places to go in the world, with numerous countries, islands and some of the best beaches in the world to explore. As the weather is generally more unsettled during the winter in the Mediterranean it is not particularly enjoyable sailing, so we intend to spend the next few months in Sicily. It was another sunny day but there was some strong wind and rain forecast in a couple of days so we decided to head to… In general it is not too difficult to find a reasonable winter only deal for parking your boat (same as in the UK). Posted by Pini: We left the boat in Palermo Sicily for the last winter (2018/19), in Galizzi marina. Sailing Holidays (020-8459 8787; is the largest British-owned yacht charter company, with 45 new boats in its own 160-strong fleet, based in Greece and Croatia. The Mediterranean can be quite rough, but it's mostly very smooth sailing. Well, those tales are true. In the summer, the Mediterranean is plagued by no wind, while in the winter it is plagued by gales! Despite the reputation of the Mediterranean sea for being calm, the weather at times is very unpredictable especially around winter, the Mediterranean is a vast water body and at times it is impossible to sail through it during a storm and the boat delivery ends up in a boat wreckage. I will review the ports… Although one would not think to sail the Mediterranean sea in the winter months, Viking Oceans cruises defies the norms. In the winter. The weather can be what's called settled or unsettled . When the summer is approaching, many people sail on the Mediterranean Sea; the busiest months are July and August. The sailing conditions in the Mediterranean vary between places, but there is somewhere for everyone to sail to, whatever your ability. The Mediterranean climate can turn rainy ... along Europe's coast when sailing in the fall. Last winter there was a big community there all winter. The Mediterranean, though, is a shallow sea and loses heat rapidly during the winter. In settled weather, you'll mostly have lots of sun, some clouds, a light breeze, and warm and stable temperatures. The Mediterranean Sea is known to have very fickle winds. When is the best time for Mediterranean cruises? And, in the end, creates a fabulous journey to some great ports WITHOUT the CROWDS that spring/summer/fall bring. These gales are not called s This review will focus on the ship only and not the ports. Settled weather is nice, with sunny skies, maybe a bit of high cloud, and maybe periods of moderate visibility. The temperature now around the coast of Puglia, southern Italy is 14C but this is only part of the story: For Mediterranean cruises we generally recommend the period between Easter and the end of October.Temperatures are particularly pleasant from around mid-May, it is now pleasantly warm and bathing is already possible in some regions.Summer then arrives in the Mediterranean between June and September, with the high season months of July … Most Mediterranean cruisers tend to want to be wintered up by October at the latest, and often only commence sailing again towards the end of May. 300 Euros per month. In October, when the winter …

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