Vision, Mission & Commitments Group Management Structure. Siam City Cement Career Site Portal. Offer better benefit and package for successful candidates. THE SIAM CEMENT PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED. Meanwhile, the Group has a large and well-established waste management unit, sub-branded as Ecocycle, serving clients’ needs for environmental solutions and industrial services. SEE MORE Product & service. Asia-Pacific. “I believe we’ve dealt with it well,” he continues. Siam City Cement Company Limited was established in 1969 and has grown to become a leading cement producer. CONTACT US Contact Us. Siam City Cement Career Site Portal. The Siam Cement Public Company Limited's ratings reflect its strong business profile, with leading market positions in its three core businesses – cement, downstream chemicals and packaging – and diversified cash flow. “We had our worst-case scenario planned out in each of our countries, but fortunately it did not materialise to the extent anticipated, although Sri Lanka came close at one stage. OUR SOLUTIONS. SCG PACKAGING. 2020 AEPW Progress Report. That said, it is incumbent on the industry worldwide to play its part, alongside others in the construction value-chain, in continuously reducing the carbon intensity of the built environment. Sustainability Development Ranking. YOUR NEEDS. Siam City Cement Public Company Limited (hereinafter referred as the “Company”) would like to inform you that our website implements Cookies and other related technologies on your web browser and your internet-connected devices (e.g. As a customer-focused partner for sophisticated solutions, we consistently combine our product strategy... READ MORE. In 2016, SCG was also ranked as the second largest company in Thailand and the 604th largest public company in the world by Forbes. The large trading side of the business handles over seven million tonnes of product (clinker, cement and coal) volumes per annum around numerous Asian export markets. Its formidable footprint across the region comprises around 5,000 members of staff who serve a variety of customer segments covering B2B and B2C landscapes. download. The first revolves around occupational health and safety. In 2016, SCG was also ranked as the second largest company in Thailand and the 604th largest public company in the world by Forbes. Indeed, having built up such a solid Thai legacy, in 2016 the firm branched out regionally with acquisitions in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, this having set up a joint venture with Cambodia’s Chip Mong Group in the previous year. From celebrating a half century in existence in 2019 to running into a global pandemic, it has been an extraordinary year in the life of Siam City Cement Public Company Limited (SCCC) and its Group CEO, Aidan Lynam. Developing skills among local communities is also vital, INSEE Vietnam and the JV in Cambodia running their own in-house Enterprise Based Vocational Education units to apprentice technicians in mechanical and electrical maintenance and the process of cement production, whilst using the entire factory installations as the platform for embedded practical training. “We continue to prioritise being a respected and highly valued participant in the Asian growth story, and in delivering superior customer service and product quality”. your computer, smartphone or tablet) to recognize the preferences on the internet usage and provide you a good experience. The Siam Cement Public Company Limited PDF Format 7.6 MB. When you visit our website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Here, the company is determined to assure the wellbeing of all staff and visitors at every facility across the network, the goal of zero harm very much sitting at the top of the SCCC agenda. ABOUT US . Uncertainty still remains as to the extent of disruption and economic fallout that will follow over the next couple of years, meaning that the SCCC leadership is focusing staff on what they can control – from internal procedures and processes to innovation and enhanced offerings and service to its customers. ENG. The first priority was to protect the health of our staff and customers, and while we’re just about out of what we call crisis mode, we’re still keeping our eyes firmly fixed on the situation and are now responding to the economic fallout.”. Thailand’s second-largest cement company has suspended a cement-plant project valued at about $200 million in Kampot province because of political uncertainty and better investment opportunities in Myanmar, according to a senior executive. Power BI. โลกน่าอยู่ คู่หัวใจสีเขียว (Facebook page) The creation space of Inspiration and activities for society, environment with caring about our future. download. Suppliers who value safety and the health and wellbeing of their own employees and their sub-suppliers in turn normally tend to share our mindsets – this supports mutual brand and reputation building.”. It all stars with Collaboration PDF Format 7.9 MB. We believe in the notion of a ‘fair deal’ and offer transparency and equitable relationships. “Recognition can be very simple and ‘on the spot’ in appreciating good efforts – daily, simple interactions between management and staff are important to us. “We believe in recognising employee success and achievements and in celebrating ‘along the way’, be it in regular staff gatherings and townhalls or awards events annually or throughout the year,” Lynam continues. Organization Chart Board of Directors Group Executive Committee Company Profile Business Portfolio. Siam City Cement Public Company Limited is one of the leading cement manufacturers in Thailand, established in 1969 with a clear focus to be an innovative supplier of cement and concrete products and solutions.

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