This crumble top looks like the answer!! Make the filling. I cannot wait to enjoy it on this July 4th weekend. Thank you! Is there any particular reason to start baking without the foil then adding it on once the topping is the color you want, instead of the other way around (starting foil-on then removing the foil about 30 minutes in)? It’s my husband’s birthday today and he loves blackberries, it’s already in the oven! Page 206. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks! Thanks for this one, which is my new favorite! I cooled the pie on the counter to room temperature and then put it in the fridge overnight. From Christina Tosi- Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook-. The bigger variable, and what makes it seem like fruit pies are so inconsistent, is that volume measurements are so unpredictable for fruit *and* the amount of sugar in a given recipe will control the behavior of the starch, which can wreak havoc in pies that are seasoned to taste. I used cornstarch instead of tapioca flour because of a grocery shopping mishap – increased the amount from 5.5 tbsp to about 6-6.5 tbsp to account for any extra water from the strawberries. I have been accumulating a few things on mine to do “some day”. If this pie could be called “normal”. Just a note…the crumb topping seemed very pasty when initially mixed up. Big thank you from a Danish fan! It's a really good pie. Not usually a fan of crumb topped pie but this was excellent- crumbs didn’t get hard like others I had made. Homemade Oreo Cookies. Add a rating: Comments can take a minute to appear—please be patient! The pie will be even better set after a night in the fridge. Delicious, delicious juice.) Here’s the link: And as always, these charts are always guides, and you may want to increase or decrease based on your personal taste. It did LOOK like a lot of flour when I was mixing it together. Great recipe! Husband just brought in a bucket of freshly picked blackberries, so of course I had to try your recipe. Served with custard sauce. Not a problem I’ve seen others note, so I don’t know what happened. Yum! I used the chart but then swapped with the *weight* of the starch, so it’s more. I’m afraid we’ll have to scrape the top off? Place chilled pie on a parchment-lined half-sheet pan. I made a slight change, I only had frozen blueberries, so I used three cups of frozen blueberries and 3 cups fresh blackberries, cut back slightly on the sugar using a little less than 3/4 cup. of cornstarch was just right. Sorry for the delay. Bob’s Redmill Tapioca Flour (aka starch) 7 tablespoons mixed with some beautiful big fresh blueberries, and some really plump blackberries. This one will be on my summer pie list from now on! To serve: Try to let the pie cool until close to room temperature before serving. I will definitely make this again! Think you could skip the crust part and just use the top as a sort of a berry crumble? The freezing and foiling technique allows us to skip pie weights. Wish I knew how to add a picture!! The only thing I don’t think I perfected was the crust. I think I like yours better. That’s so interesting. (Set the foil, still molded, aside. It's O.K. (If you puree blueberries and press the liquid into a cup, straining out solids, the liquid eventually jellies, or it did for me. I have made a version of this twice now. I’m looking for a new twist on classic apple for Canadian Thanksgiving! Oh well, I might just have to make it next week. Perfect sweetness Big disappointment. I finally got around to it tonight (it’s still summer in California!) Stella Parks is our CIA-trained baking nerd and resident pastry wizard, dubbed one of America's Best New Pastry Chefs by Food & Wine. I don’t find that cutting the butter in does much to improve crumb texture, so I don’t bother. Voir en ligne View in Webstore WW Norton 9780393239867. The rich, custardy smoothness draws me in every time. Just made this with only blackberries, upped amounts of sugar and cornstarch a bit. Stella Parks. I had never done a roll out dough mostly because of the effort but this was totally worth it. Crumb topping seems like a genius idea to me! If you’re okay with, as Julia Child would say, a “soggy bottom,” you can skip that step. The second time I put it into individual sized bowls. All who got to have some RAVED about it. Thanks! You know, for science. My husband and I needed to have seconds (normally we can control ourselves!) i love pie too much ,Thank you so much for your recipe Into each life some crumbles must fall. Same for the crumb topping – I used an extra 2 tablespoons of butter to make it crumbly enough instead of powdery. You had put “see Note” for using cornstarch instead of tapioca flour. I want to try your crust and topping. Everything I love in a pie. With fruit especially, the amount of juice they exude can vary incredibly from pie to pie. You can do a partial swap by weight of most other flours you like — white whole wheat, oat flour, etc. Definitely looks like a winner to me. You have got to be kidding me. This will give the crust a glossy, golden sheen, but it is not necessary in any way. Onward! Usually I wouldn’t bother making a pie cos a crumble is way easier, but this pie is definitely worth it! Would pecans work in the crumbs? The flavor is just perfect, and I’ve really enjoyed making it. My first recipe from your site. Fold overhang under edge of pie crust and crimp decoratively. But based on that chart, which has 1 1/2 TEAspoon for a cup of blueberry, wouldn’t you get 5tbsp of tapioca rather than 7tbsp. I've never put cinnamon in blueberry pie--lemon sometimes or maybe some herb (blueberries are nice with herbs)--but often just berries. Gelatinous. Cover Photo Stella Parks' No-Stress, Super-Flaky Pie Crust. the note is at the top of the recipe, where it says “a couple of notes”. I used a little (~1/2 Tbsp) more tapioca starch since with such tall slices I wanted a slightly cleaner cut. Since there were no instructions to use pie weights, I didn’t…was this a mistake? Would recommend any alterations since I’m using raspberries instead of blackberries and blueberries or should I make as is? For the Filling: Toss regular and wild blueberries, lemon juice, sugar, salt, coriander (if using), and tapioca starch in a large bowl, folding with a flexible spatula until well combined. I’ve got one more summerish potluck dinner coming up soon. If you love these kind of dishes then you may visit my website: which is full of sweet dishes also. I made this in a 6″ springform pan as a half size, but “deep dish” recipe. This looks delicious! Introduced in 1912, Oreo is the best selling cookie brand in the United States. [Photograph: Vicky Wasik. Any thoughts as to what I might have done wrong? I will be exploring more! I followed the directions to a T but the crust was a little tough to cut through on the bottom. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. What do you recommend? Parker House Rolls | Parker House Rolls Recipe | Eat the Love 3.9 out of 5 stars (17 ratings) Cover Photo Apple Rhubarb Brown Butter Tart. I would love to make this,having just bought a big box of blueberries and needing to use up the last of the blackberries in the freezer before this year’s harvest is ready, – but I am missing the European measurements for the filling and the crust. I leave it in until the fruit is bubbling and the topping is starting to get brown. Stella Parks on Serious Eats has a weight-based formula. The resulting crumb was so powedery and not at all rubble-y. Hallelujah! They absolutely loved it, I did the hand mix method and used tapioca flour for thickening. Brush over chilled top crust in a thin, even layer. Do you prefer the tapioca flour/starch to quick cooking tapioca? Wrapped in foil, leftovers will keep up to 3 days at room temperature; warm 10 minutes in a 350°F (180°C) oven to revive crust before serving. I would often grind the tapioca (you don’t have to, it just has a jammier texture otherwise) in a coffee grinder (that I use for spices) into powder, this just saves the step. Some advice for others, first time I tried making the crust, I did it using following the gram amounts. Page 305. Getting right on it . Interesting! Great recipe! Deb – I love that pie plate! By the way…I did not change the recipe one iota!! Also, this probably goes without saying, but this recipe definitely works with other berries and fruits. I made this with cornstarch per the recipe. I just picked a ton of wild raspberries and I am thinking of using this recipe. I personally don’t use as much thickener for crumbles because I’m not aiming for a clean slice (well, this won’t/shouldn’t slice clean but you get the idea). The first berry pie I’ve ever made and was delicious! Definitely the best pie I’ve made in a long time. Definitely a recipe to keep. and now I am eating a slice with some plain Greek yogurt on the side and it’s pretty heavenly. My family loved this. . Perfect timing! I made it last night. I freeze the butter sticks and then grade them with a cheese grater at the last minute before incorporating into the four/salt mixture. Your post came at the perfect time. Really good results. Yesterday I made this pie for the third time. I thought this would allow more of the liquid to evaporate before being mostly covered. I even added an extra 2 T of butter but still, so dry! No crust. If I tried them, any other adjustments needed? : @victakespics” make again and again! Learn more on our Terms of Use page. That crumb topping is just the perfect addition to the filling. I have always used a crumb topping for apple pies, because it addresses the issue of the apples cooking down and leaving that space between the filling and the top crust. It’s quite a lot!) (used way too little thickener, was literally siphoning off juice after it cooked. Reduce oven temperature to 375°F and leave oven on. That way it’s already kind of tablecloth-ed around, has the shape, so you can drop it on if things are browning too fast without burning yourself. I definitely want to try the Chocolate peanut butter cake and the Gallette from the internet show! Tip if you’re making this with gluten free flour – you will probably require much more liquid to pull the dough together! Please, please, please! This looks incredible! Tapioca starch forms a light, clear gel that's never cloudy, slimy, or gloppy. I’d actually say that the crumbs are on the shortbread side of crumbs. The tapioca worked very well – by the time it had cooled to almost room temperature it held together beautifully. I’ve been using that since you recommended it eons ago, and if you’ve found something you prefer, I’d try that instead. Also, this was the best pie I’ve ever made! Wow! My filling looked like it was going to be VERY juicy (I used thawed frozen blackberries and some big, fat, ripe blueberries) so I added a little extra tapioca flour (maybe an extra Tb). Whether you've got top-notch local berries or run-of-the-mill supermarket fruit, smuggling a portion of wild blueberries into the mix makes for a pie that's remarkably complex. My crust came out a bit tough (hard to get a fork through when eating). Second time using the cups instead of the recommended grams worked perfectly! More info/in depth explanation on the Serious Eats article for both cherry and blueberry pies. Okay, I apologize in advance for being so anal. My 19 year old son’s favorite pie is plain blueberry, but I made your Blackberry Blueberry Crumb Pie and he said it is the best pie his ever eaten. It did dry out as it set, and was perfectly “crumbly” when time to top the pie. Thanks! By: Genius Recipes. I haven’t made a pie in a few months, sadly, and this might be the thing that gets me off my backside to make one! Does this one need to be par-baked because the crumble/fruit require less overall baking time? I think with hand pies, it’s definitely a little easier to parcook the filling first. Try it….you might just find this a simpler and easier method to get that flat crust! i’ll definitely try to make it The crumbs on top are crunchy, sweet, complimentary. I used 1/3 whole wheat flour in the pie and cobbler topping and the rest all purpose.I didn’t use any lemon zest. What a difference!! Larger chunks and trying to keep the top from getting too brown might also give it a softer effect. Do you think this would work as a crumble, with just the filling and the topping? I realized just before baking that I had no aluminum foil, so I just let the pie bake without the topping for the first 20 minutes, then added the crumbs, which worked perfectly and I think may even have been easier than monitoring it for when to place the foil lid. The recipe did these berries Justice. I’m looking to make slab pie with this topping as I’ve used it before on a regular pie to delicious effect! We are currently making it a again, using frozen blueberries this time. I *was* in Toronto for an event during the official book tour, however, and will be again. It held up beautifully to the gooey fruit. It’s the only kind I have. And honestly – there’s no exact guide that will always be perfect. Thanks! He loved the hint of salt in the crumb and the ratio of crust:filling:crumb. Look, I too enjoy the look of a stunning, woven lattice of a pie lid. Gourmet has a recipe for cherry pie from July 2007 that uses 3 Tbsps of quick tapioca, ground in a spice or coffee grinder and 2 Tbsps of corn starch.. Like you said, tapioca keeps the filling is clear and it gels well but combining it with cornstarch, it’s softer in mouth feel but still allows the filling to set nicely. @bravetart: “Can't go wrong with classic blueberry pie. THIS pie…. Trim away excess dough and refrigerate to ensure top crust is completely chilled, about 30 minutes. Sorry about the ad trouble. Was wondering if you, like me, have started a Baking Bucket List? Let (the rest, if there is any, heh) cool because it should set up well later. I wonder, Deb, if the crumb topping would be better if one didn’t melt the butter before adding to the rest of the crumb topping ingredients? AMAZING pie, Deb! while blueberries and blackberries were still in season. Winner of the 2018 James Beard Foundation Book Award (Baking and Desserts) A New York Times bestseller and named a Best Baking Book of the Year by the Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, Bon Appétit, the New York Times, the Washington Post, … Homemade McDonald’s Style Apple Turnovers. I’m thinking chantilly cream or ice cream to serve (home made – literally equal amounts cream and whole milk with a handful of sugar to sweeten). I think parbaking made it even better. It didn’t soften against the pie at all? I have a bag of frozen blueberries/blackberries/cherries in the freezer that needs to be used. I’d been wanting to make a blueberry pie all summer and had my eye in this one because of the crumb topping, which I had never made before. Thanks again for a great recipe. I may or may not give you credit for “Team Streusel. Seriously flaky and crunchy. The hubs loves his raspberries so I was wondering if that will work and would the tapioca measurements be the same? When not in the kitchen, Stella spends most of her time polishing Star Trek quotes, re-watching Battlestar Galactica, and playing video games. I also felt it could do with a bit less tapioca starch, so I will probably decrease it by one tablespoon next time. Named a Best Baking Book by the Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, Bon Appétit, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe and more. So cool. I’ve been making the black-and-blueberry pie from the Four and Twenty Blackbirds cookbook for the last 2 summers and it’s fabulous. I did lime instead of lemon though and increased the zest amount. Mmmmm. All flour too pasty, all corn starch too Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Pie crust generally needs 45-60 minutes or more to fully bake. Meanwhile, make filling: Mix all filling ingredients in a large bowl and set aside. For instance, if your pie recipe calls for 20 minutes of baking time, then you’ll need to start with a crust that is either fully or partially baked. Next time I’ll use less. Ty. Didn’t change a thing and served with vanilla ice cream. This is one of my favorite dish. Baked this yesterday and took it to a dinner party. Just made this pie today! Patch any tears or cracks with reserved dough scraps. Any suggestions on quantities? Giada’s collection at Target… many years ago. For Single-Crusted Pies: Using as much flour as needed, roll one piece into a 14-inch circle; this size … Both times I thought the cloudy streaks were from undertaking but the fruit tasted done. I don’t find that they hold up well to the wetness of baked fruit. Will def. Which would work better? I made this for a potluck and it turned out great! But fantastic. Made this last weekend. Delicious. I find that par-baked crusts can come out a little crispy/tougher. If you like, serve with Lemon Chantilly. I think parbaking was critical (and the freeze and foil method worked perfectly), though mine could have used a few extra minutes as the bottom was just the tiniest bit underdone even after a full hour of baking once the filling was in. The lemon in the crumble was a nice taste touch as well. Oooh, good question. purchasing. This pie was enjoyed by friends. Thanks for the Your Recipe. Smoky grilled chicken breasts pair perfectly with peach salsa. This is a definite keeper! OK this was PERFECT. If it browns too quickly put some foil on it. also, can this be made with just blueberries? Hope it’s all better soon. Fit into a 9" pie plate. Such a nice place. Most states are still months away from fresh fruit coming back into season, but if you're like me, you're pining for the sweet and tart berries of summer right now. Post whatever you want, just keep it seriously about eats, seriously. We are organizing everything right now, yay. Thanks for the reply! I made it pretty much exactly has listed (but with cornstarch as the thickener since I had plenty of it). I think that juice of half a lemon is too much. Will absolutely be making this one again! They’re not chocolate people (After 11 years, I still can’t accept that fact) so this will be a nice dessert compromise. Is there any chance you could add those? Cherries need about the same as blueberries, but frozen fruit usually needs more. Apparently another is on my horizon. I make it as a berry crisp instead of a pie because I am basically lazy. But I might actually try it without the pie bottom, just the crumb top, as a kind of crumb-crumble, because we don’t have enough butter in the house to make a bottom crust, and I must eat this tonight!!! If they're not growing in your own backyard, look for wild blueberries in the freezer aisle of well-stocked groceries like Kroger or markets such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I will be making this as soon as I am done capturing peach goodness with your Peach Butter recipe — so fantastic. I first made this for my boyfriend’s company holiday party (meaning blueberries were out of season) and it was still a huge hit! This probably won’t get to print, but could you somehow shorten the recipe to fit on a maximum of 2 pages. Crust shrunk almost completely down the sides! Any idea what could have caused this? I was on vacation and not paying as close attention as usual. The flavor of the filling and crumb topping was excellent. Continue baking until filling is bubbling even in the very center of the pie, about 15 minutes longer. It will come in handy later.) Although the pie really was delicious, I might decrease the sugar in the filling slightly, as I did find the filling to be a tad sweet for my taste in combination with the topping (it could be that the berries I used were just sweeter). I had to bake mine a touch longer to get it “bubbly” but I attribute that to the pie pan I was using. Perfect bake time Best Pie I ever made. I measured ingredients by weight, with what I believe is an accurate scale- but I never got crumbs, I got a wet dough. amazing. It’s fine if they’re on the soft side. I made this yesterday as written How much extra starch would you add if using frozen berries? Thanks! NOTE: Tried an experiment with the whole “pie weights” issue….I find it tedious to do all the pie weight rigamarole…so I just put another metal pie plate on top of the cold, docked, crust, it fit perfectly, and put in the hot oven….NO puffing, no Mess, no Fuss…..gently pried off with the tines of my dinner fork, it was PERFECT, and proceeded with the filling and baking. Your email address will not be published. Great timing. More like short bread. I sometimes have trouble with that part. It thickens in a clear way and won’t have any residual chalkiness. with a lattice top, but UGH who wants to spend a gorgeous summer saturday on that???? I cut into it when it was still pretty warm and the fruit was very liquidy, but now that it’s cool and more pieces have been cut, no liquid or fruit oozes out. I’m using a Mac with Safari. Thanks! Not really, I guess I’ve always just taken the wait-and-see approach. I think the rice flour mixture absorbs a lot more than regular flour. Thanks Emily. Thanks! <3, Thanks, Stella! Oh well. Yum Dawn. Deb, does the new cookbook mean you might (crossing fingers) be back at Word on the Street in Toronto this year? I love her work. How did it bake up? What’s the benefit of using it in a bake? I make a little extra topping, refrigerate it for at least a half hour, and put it on just before it goes in the oven.

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