Please refer to our Public Transit page for numerous resources in assisting you in your travels to your Regional Parks. We had packed a nice picnic for a Father's Day … Yankee Jim fled for Southern California and continued his life of crime. Permits can be purchased at the park kiosk, online, or … Named after a miner from 1850 who found gold a few miles away from this spot, he was run out of town by miners for stealing. It's a short 2 miles upstream from the visitors center and is open 8am to dusk all year long. This swimming hole is beneath Yankee Jims Bridge. SFPUC Steelhead Trout Migration Studies Since 2000, SFPUC biologists have been studying the migratory patterns of landlocked steelhead/rainbow trout spawning in tributaries to … Wear sunblock, there's no shade. Tent, cabin & RV camp on private & State Parks, on local farms, vineyards & nature preserves. Hello friends! Sunol Park, off Calaveras Road at the end of Geary Road, is popular with families and dog walkers, and the trail draws large weekend crowds. Stop off at a swimming hole; and grab a snack in Sunol. Swimming Holes?? So I actually had never just explored the picnic area at all. It pretty warm and I'm hoping to find a nice place for a refreshing dip in the bayarea that doesn't cost money, doesn't force me to question the quality of the water and has a nice hike to it. Two small swim dams were removed from upper Alameda Creek in the Sunol Wilderness by the East Bay Regional Park District in 2001. This excursion railroad runs along the historic route of the first Transcontinental Railroad. Sunol regional is nice. We didn't hike, but we did discover a great swimming hole. A diesel or steam train will take you through the canyon in a classic rail car. This Sunday, the whole family explored one of my favorite parks, Sunol Regional Wilderness. Things to see Niles Canyon Railway. Enjoy a gradual climb from Fremont to Sunol. Sunol Golf Courses contain both the grounds on which golf is played as well as any ancillary or supporting facilities and amenities in Sunol, CA. Oh, and the swimming hole is … Little Yosemite in Sunol is a scenic hike offering breathtaking oak lined canyon views and dramatic waterfalls. Northern California is full of swimming holes that are somewhat unknown to most people. Timothy Joyce wrote a book titled "Swimming Holes of California" that details the state's hidden gems. There is also what is known as 'Little Yosemite' it is a small waterfall and swimming hole for kids in the summer. I like that it's spread out and trails don't get crowded. Whether you enjoy fishing, swimming, hiking, bicycling, picnicking, nature programs, golf, other active pastimes, or just relaxing in beautiful natural surroundings, there is a park for you. A typical Golf Course has at least one 9-hole or 18-hole playing ground, practice areas for driving and putting, changing rooms, lockers, and shower facilities, a clubhouse with a restaurant and … He was hanged as a horse thief. There are camping options available as well. There are different levels of difficulties. Download file: Ohlone_Wilderness_Trail.gpx Permits and Fees: The East Bay Regional Park District website is the best resource for information on permits and fees, but here is a short summary: Permits (one per hiker) are required for almost all portions of the Ohlone trail. All the times that I have been here, I have never come and NOT hiked. Find & reserve the best campsites near Sunol, California.

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